Here are The 8 Craziest Wedding Destinations Of The Year

Marriage is a unique stop in your life. It is the stop where you got to switch from the singlehood wagon to the shared life one on life train.

People seek to mark the day of their wedding through taking care of the slightest details from their wedding venue to Kelly Clarkson wedding dress, to their wedding cake and honeymoon destination.

A new stop means marking it as the start of a fresh life with a partner. Planning for all this can be stressful for many couples. It is a lot of work plus the fear accompanying them regarding the coming days.

You can hire a wedding planner to come up for you with the best honeymoon beach ideas, find cheap business class fares, buy airline tickets online, choose a royal rose gold wedding cake and grant you a Kate Middleton wedding dress look.

These are things which take time and necessitate extra efforts. You might not need a wedding planner to manage your flight reservation, though, for the best online travel booking websites are available at your fingertips.

This applies to your hotel booking through hotel search sites which facilitate the whole thing. You can mark your wedding as the year’s most memorable event for a long long time by celebrating in the following most marvelous destinations. Read to discover the 8 most incredible and crazy wedding destinations of all time.


Ice Hotel

©Pollard We Are

A fairytale wedding in the Frozen style, this is the simplest definition one could give to The Ice Hotel. It is one of the most famous hotels worldwide which is made exclusively of ice.

It is a place where you can wear your Carolyn Bessette wedding dress and consider yourself the queen of cold. The place is originally built by artists, coming from all parts of the world.

You can be one of the lucky ones to buy super cheap plane tickets and fly to this winter paradise in Sweden. Imagine the reception area and main hall full of guests attending a relatively frozen queen royal wedding.

You can marvelously walk down the aisle with your long and lacy veil in the ice church which seems mind-blowing. The exhaustion you might feel following all the wedding planning is unbelievable, but no worries at all, you can enjoy your stay in ice honeymoon suites.

Dracula’s Castle


Admittedly, the name is a bit scary, but it is, in reality, a fancy castle with a medieval royal style. You can experience a Meghan Markel fairy tale wedding in a royal palace. The historic castle is located in Romania.

It used to be a royal residence, then turned into a museum which exhibits the artworks and the furniture that Queen Marie, the last Romanian queen, collected during her lifetime.

After finalizing your online room booking on independent hotel booking sites, you can start the renting arrangements to have Dracula’s castle as your perfect wedding venue. The current owners of the castle lease out the castle to have as a wedding venue for 500,000 Euros to absorb up to 50 guests.

Before 2006, the castle was in the custody of the Romanian government, but the family worked on recovering the property from them. Bran or Dracula’s Castle would add a mythical and spicy taste to your unique wedding.

The Great Wall China


Ready to invite emperors’ ghosts on our wedding day in the Great Wall of China? Just a joke! But you still can have your wedding on the Great Wall of China. As a matter of fact, historically speaking, the Wall is a series of fortifications built with stone, wood, tamped earth, and brick.

It was initially built to shield the great empire of China from potential invasions and raids. China, with its strategic thinking, used the Wall to control the imposition of taxes on goods which were transported through the Silk Road.

In recent years, this historical Asian spot turned into a wedding venue, where the German ambassador Markus Ederer tied the knot with his partner Beate Gizeski in a memorable ceremony on the high Great Wall of China.

The German couple is not the only ones who celebrated their wedding according to the Chinese traditions and on the wall. A wedding there will cost you $5,000 with the reception of 40 guests.

Mayan Ruins

©Green Global Travel

In the course of planning for your wedding, you can resort to the best travel agency for honeymoon packages, but long before that, you need to book an unforgettable wedding venue. The best stop you are about to pick as your crazy wedding venue is the Mayan Ruins.

They are also given the name ‘The Banner of the Mayas’. It is regarded as the last historic capital of the Mayas located in the southern part of Telchaquillo in Mexico. The ruins are basically residences estimated to be about 4000 structures.

These ancient ruins catch the eye of millions of tourists and visitors who are driven by their curiosity to know the mystery of these remaining ruins which unfold the history of its builders.

The beautiful open air and natural space put the place on great wedding venues’ list. You can enjoy having a historical and cultural marriage in this gorgeous remnants site.

Rome’s Colosseum

©Studio Bonon

The historic Flavian Amphitheatre was built by Emperor Vespasian of Rome in 72AD. If you look at the Coliseum from the outside, you will realize how gigantic it is. It contains the famous mark of Constantine’s glory over Maxentius which in the form of a 25-m-monumental arch.

The Coliseum includes 80 entrances that visitors can access plus the wide area that can absorb 60, 000 people seated. The place witnessed the brutality of specific events used to be held by the emperors, landing up with 10,000 animals dead.

It contains also underground passages, where gladiators and animals used to be locked down before going up to the arena. The historic nature of the place may steal your heart, especially if you are a history and archaeology lover.

How would it be to hold your wedding ceremony in this memorable site? In reality, Whole Rome is by nature a city which grants you great opportunities to celebrate your wedding in archaeological sites, old churches, ancient castles, and many other places.

Easter Island Statues


Here is another crazy wedding venue: the Easter Island Statues. They are basically gigantic stone figures which enchanted travelers, explorers, historians, archaeologists and chroniclers who strove to crack their mystery. This site is enlisted in the UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

This magnificent South Pacific location is the perfect spot for a wedding in the air. It is a place, breaking all the rules of traditional wedding venues with roofs on your heads. This natural paradise is part of Rapa Nui National Park.

On the entire island, there is one sole village and an amazing beach where you will be standing with your partner exchanging your forever vows as husband and wife. The celebration of your wedding in this place is also a celebration of the local culture of the island.

Once the vow ceremony is over, it is the reception’s turn. You can have your reception whenever you want. What could add an extra value is the Rapa Nui traditional dancing and music during the ceremony.

Ellis Island/ Statue of Liberty

©Amber Gress

Just like you can buy an air ticket to fly, you can get a ticket to sail to Ellis Island, but this time not as visitors, but as a couple for your wedding there. For the record, The Statue of Liberty is a historical gift from France to America.

In fact, the French people dedicated this 1886-designed sculpture to the American people. For the Americans, the Statue is a national monument as declared in 1924. Today, it can serve as a splendid wedding venue.

Imagine a wedding with a view on Manhattan in NY, a joyful firework show to enlighten the sky and the admiring guests at the reception. These are all the needed ingredients of a long-awaited and successful wedding.

You are given the choice to either host the reception in the Wall of Honor, outside, or The Great Hall, inside. That is a matter of personal option that you can discuss with your partner.

As for the guests, make sure you get enough appetizers and meals for you can host up to 1,200 people. The scenic views will mark the first day of your new life.


©Air & Space Magazine

Honestly speaking, this is the genuine meaning of crazy wedding venues of all times. You can celebrate your wedding in the most peculiar way ever outside the present world. A celebration of a wedding like astronauts.

This will cost you a whole fortune to get a wedding venue reservation in the cosmos. Is not it interesting and crazy at the same time? Virgin Galactic’s is a launched company which promises people romantic in-space weddings out of the usual box.

If you think that this is the perfect way to celebrate your wedding, you’d better get a new suitcase which can be easily carried on a spaceship and get rid of those luxurious and fancy Aimee Westenberg luggage.

You will be spending three days preceding your actual spaceflight in Mexico. There you will be prepared to kick off a life-changing experience.

People do not care anymore about ugly wedding dresses or pretty ones nor do they show interest in finding the best online travel booking websites to travel to regular spots like the Bahamas or the Maldives.

People are hungry for life-changing experiences to mark the very first day of their marital life. Would you pay a fortune and celebrate your wedding in one of these crazy destinations? Tell us in a comment!



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