Here are The 8 Craziest Wedding Destinations Of The Year

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

The German couple is not the only ones who celebrated their wedding according to the Chinese traditions and on the wall. A wedding there will cost you $5,000 with the reception of 40 guests.

Mayan Ruins

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In the course of planning for your wedding, you can resort to the best travel agency for honeymoon packages, but long before that, you need to book an unforgettable wedding venue. The best stop you are about to pick as your crazy wedding venue is the Mayan Ruins.

They are also given the name ‘The Banner of the Mayas’. It is regarded as the last historic capital of the Mayas located in the southern part of Telchaquillo in Mexico. The ruins are basically residences estimated to be about 4000 structures.

These ancient ruins catch the eye of millions of tourists and visitors who are driven by their curiosity to know the mystery of these remaining ruins which unfold the history of its builders.

The beautiful open air and natural space put the place on great wedding venues’ list. You can enjoy having a historical and cultural marriage in this gorgeous remnants site.

Rome’s Colosseum

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The historic Flavian Amphitheatre was built by Emperor Vespasian of Rome in 72AD. If you look at the Coliseum from the outside, you will realize how gigantic it is. It contains the famous mark of Constantine’s glory over Maxentius which in the form of a 25-m-monumental arch.

The Coliseum includes 80 entrances that visitors can access plus the wide area that can absorb 60, 000 people seated. The place witnessed the brutality of specific events used to be held by the emperors, landing up with 10,000 animals dead.

It contains also underground passages, where gladiators and animals used to be locked down before going up to the arena. The historic nature of the place may steal your heart, especially if you are a history and archaeology lover.

How would it be to hold your wedding ceremony in this memorable site? In reality, Whole Rome is by nature a city which grants you great opportunities to celebrate your wedding in archaeological sites, old churches, ancient castles, and many other places.



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