Here Are The Islands You Can Still Visit During Hurricane Season

When summer is about to end and the beautiful colors of fall are knocking our doors again, some people find it the most perfect and charming time to go on a vacation. And what’s a better destination for fall vacations than tropical islands?

During this time, you will find cheap plane tickets and great deals on hotels easily, and that’s because it is the hurricane season, which runs from June to November, and becomes stronger from August to October.

The majority of travelers plays it safe and prefer to head into other destinations to avoid any danger, but do you know what smart travelers do?

They go to the secret islands where hurricanes don’t really hit that hard. According to experts, there is no such thing as a hurricane belt and no island is completely immune to them, but we can’t deny that the northeastern Caribbean islands are the ones to have it worse than any other area.

In any case, if you want to have a Caribbean vacation and enjoy the cheap hotels and airfares, then you have to check these “safer” island escapes we gathered for you.

#1 – Aruba


There is no better place to avoid the hurricanes during hurricane season than the ABC Islands in the coast of South America.

Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire are located in the southern Caribbean, and they offer gorgeous turquoise beaches and white sands, beautiful climate all year-round, and some of the best Caribbean restaurants.

Besides the incredible beaches, you will find many interesting things to see and do, including diving and snorkeling.

#2 – Bonaire


If you are a nature enthusiast who thrives on exploring untouched and unspoiled environments, both in water and on land, then you have to fly to Bonaire, especially during this season to take advantage of the cheap flights and hotels.

Make sure to get as many days as you can because as soon as you get to Bonaire, you will have many activities to explore, including biking, off-shore diving, kayaking, hiking, windsurfing, and many more.

One of the top destinations for sustainable tourism in the world is Bonaire, which means you will get to be in touch with nature better than any other place.

Other benefits of traveling to Bonaire during Hurricane season, besides the cheap hotels and flights, are the fewer crowds and chilled atmosphere.

#3 – Curacao

©Curaçao | LCNT

Are you confused between flying to a Caribbean Island or a European country? Easy, just buy tickets to Curacao because it is a tropical island with rainbow-colored Dutch colonial architecture. Plus, it is safe from the scary hurricanes!

There is no way you will not enjoy this magical island because there is so much precious history to explore, great activities to do, and amazing restaurants to try out. In fact, Curacao restaurants are known to be the best restaurants in the Caribbean.

You can dive in the crystal-clear water of Curacao and not worry too much about the hurricanes because the chances of experiencing them are pretty slim!

#4 – Trinidad and Tobago

©Loop News

Of course, you have heard somewhere about the gorgeous twin-island nation where mind-blowing sites can be found and wonderful natives live. Trinidad and Tobago are located safely out of the hurricanes’ path, which is exactly what we are looking for!

These two islands feature stunning biodiversity beaches, and some places can nearly be compared to how we imagine paradise would be.

In Tobago, there is Buccoo Reef and a natural pool in the middle of it that’s called Nylon Pool. You will find falls, mountains, rivers, and many more in those islands without thinking for a second that a hurricane would come and take you by storm *literally*!

If you are more of a festive person, then Trinidad will be your next favorite destination because there is always a lively celebration. You can fly to Trinidad in October and dance all of your troubles away in the Hindu festival of lights, Divali.

#5 – Grenada

©Migrate World

In the curve of the Caribbean Windward Islands, you can find the beautiful Grenada that’s located far from the seasonal storms.

Grenada is known as the Spice Island because many visitors claimed that its air carries the smell of nutmeg, literally! This island still embraces the colonial atmosphere and the brightly colored buildings that make it unique and most picturesque location in the Caribbean.

The scenic beauty of this island should not be missed, so start looking for airplane tickets for this fall ASAP. Take advantage of people’s fear of the hurricanes and the fact they don’t know these safe areas in the Caribbean exist…

#6 – Barbados


As long as we are talking about the Caribbean Islands during hurricane season, we know there is always a chance they will all be hit by them. But Barbados, ironically, hasn’t had a direct hurricane hit since 1955.

The reason why Barbados is the safest from the hurricanes is its location; the most eastern island in the Caribbean.

However, if you are into surfing or you would like to learn it, then Barbados is the perfect destination for you. If you are only interested to relax and enjoy the warm weather, then there are many naturally formed pools where you can let go of all your troubles.

#7 – St. Vincent and the Grenadines

©World Travel Guide

These two islands are the same as Barbados, they didn’t experience any hurricane hit since 1955, and they are safe from any major storm.

Caribbean travelers tend to head into these islands because they are considered as the tropical paradises, and after knowing they are safe and cheaper during hurricane season, then there is no reason why we shouldn’t put them in our dream destination list.

So get a plane to St. Vincent or the Grenadines, and make sure to watch the sea turtles, to snorkel, or to just have an entire beach for yourself if you book on Palm Island!

#8 – Bocas Del Toro Islands, Panama

©Club Elsewhere

There are many people who have never heard of Bocas del Toro Islands, which makes it the perfect destination for anyone seeking laid-back vibes, diverse flora and fauna, funky beach bars, and obviously, fewer hurricanes.

This Caribbean Island is not only safe from dangerous storms, but it is also one of the best places to travel alone as a woman.

Bocas del Toro Islands is a great destination for animal lovers and adventure seekers because it is home to many feathered friends. Just make sure to not touch because the majority of these wild creatures are poisonous…

#9 – San Andrés, Colombia

©Wild & Away

In the north of Panama and east of Nicaragua, you will find the unique San Andrés, which is a gorgeous island that’s completely out of range of many hurricanes.

This is your chance to swim in the Sea of Seven Colors that’s located on this island while enjoying the reggae music scene. You will experience one of the most peaceful feelings on this island due to its stress-free streets and laid-back natives who discovered the secrets of happy living.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have one of the best vacations in the Caribbean with the cheapest price and lesser crowds. However, make sure to check the weather before you get your plane tickets, even though you will be completely safe from those scary hurricanes, you still need to pay attention!



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