Here Are The Widest Home Waters For Sharks

Last Updated on July 18, 2019

Do you know any movies about people who became meat stakes for sharks’ dinner on far islands? Well, there are probably too many to count, but whatever is pictured in those movies, it is so real. Around the world exits the most shark-infested waters.

If you end up falling off the boat there, you will save 2 sharks or 3 from looking for their lunch. These creatures are truly maritime monsters. Scientifically speaking and according to experts’ statistics, there are about 500 different kinds of sharks.

But the same statistics reveal also the dropping of sharks in number, yet the attacks are increasingly reported. They are not supernatural beings, but sharks are scary enough to be around of.

It must be noted that not all sharks attack humans; the ones that are the true predators are tiger sharks, bull sharks, and great whites. Some people who are over-driven by their adventurous sense prefer to swim deep in the sea with sharks in the most dangerous hotspots.


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Sennen Cove in the UK

©Cornwall Online

If you find the best discount flights and flight booking offers to the UK, make sure you don’t ignorantly take a swim in the Sennen Cove. Many people who go to this beach for swimming report seeing about 40 feet-long sharks which might weigh up to 10,000 pounds.

These sharks fall under the category of basking sharks, which, luckily, are not into human flesh. They rather prefer to eat mammals. The only danger they pose originates in their skin, which seems to be sharp, leaving its marks on the skin of divers. At all right, basking sharks are no danger to humans.

New Smyrna Beach in Florida


Are you excited to get that swimming kickboard of yours out and join top summers at the beach this summer? Well, hold it there! Whatever you do, stay away from New Smyrna Beach in Florida. Each year, new shark attacks get registered based on the reports of the ISAF.

Volusia county sounds to be the hotspot of sharks attacks. About 303 cases of attacks were reported, swimmers and surfers were assaulted by the sharks even though the former did not attempt to interact with these animals.

It might have been a bad luck spell. The muskiness of water in this county could be one of the triggering factors, driving sharks to a close point from the beach.

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Bondi Beach in Australia


Everyone looks forward to their adventure vacations; a time they can spend with their family or friends, discovering the other faces of life, maybe death for some, as they get attacked by sea predators. Bondi Beach in Australia is another significant home for sharks.

According to recent data, the figures of unprovoked attacks are still spiking. Back in 2007, about 139 of sharks’ bites were reported, and 15 of these were quite grave. Many swimmers, divers and surfers met their doom at New South Wales’ beach Bondi in Australia.

Authorities warn people at the beach to remain distant and to not try to go deep in the waters, otherwise, they will end up dead.

Isla Mujeres in Mexico


It is somehow difficult and tiresome to keep up with the sudden changes of airfares. Very often, for some reasons which might seem obvious and not even so sometimes, airlines announce the decrease of airfares to some of the world’s destinations.

That is the chance you need to grab to enjoy a vacation in….maybe Mexico. In the waters of Isla Mujeres in Mexico exits the migrating whale sharks in large groups.

In mid-July, there is an organized festival of whale sharks that call the attention of many swimmers and divers from all over the world. Luckily, these creatures are gentle just like the basking sharks.

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Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean


Have you concluded your hotel reservations and flight reservation, and packing to the Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean? Well, if you are, you have to be aware of the fact that few unprovoked sharks’ attacks take place in the waters of the Réunion Island.

The past decade chronicled the rise of attacks’ figures; just in May 2019, a surfer got killed in the waters of this French island. The sea predators that live in the area are the tiger and bull sharks which are very dangerous.

Their maritime habitat seems to be of an interesting nature for researchers given that it is not very populated and the number of attacks is not that big.

Gansbaai in South Africa


Have you ever seen a shark at close range, maybe an aquarium shark at a mall or exhibition? Given their sharp looks and scary body, sharks are not the kind of creatures to be considered as pets.

If you get the chance to experience an adventure travel, you might be lucky, or unlucky, to see sharks closely or end up in one of their stomachs, hopefully not. Gansbaai in South Africa is regarded as the spot where you can find the great white sharks.

Tourists come from every part of the world to experience cage diving which is very scary. South Africa records also a number of unprovoked sharks’ bites.

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La Jolla Shores in California

©California Beaches

Many travelers would do anything to get the best flights to California; the land of dreams. This beautiful American state has got so much of luxury to offer to its visitors and tourists.

In summer, in particular, California is perfect to visit given its gorgeous beaches, where you will certainly enjoy wearing one of your favorite rosewe swimsuits but hold on a sec! There might a more interesting adventure awaiting you: a swim with the sharks.

Yes, you can! The La Jolla Shores in California are home to leopard sharks, which are not regarded as dangerous. The warm waters of the area are what drive them to live in the place.

There are two more beaches in California: the Eureka and Solana beaches. They are places which record high figures of unprovoked shark attacks and bites, which end sometimes fatally.

Recife in Brazil


If you are a good digger, you will definitely manage to find special flight deals. If you sign into the best online travel booking sites, you will receive notifications every now and then about any offer once it is announced.

How about Brazil as a suggested travel destination? This county offers a full experience of summer vacationing. Recife, a small area in the northeast, recorded about 82% of unprovoked attacks by sharks.

Few years ago, this was not the case, as the area used to witness rare attacks until 1992. This is when the figures started to increase. Maybe the fact that the area stated to house a lot of boats attracted the attention of bull sharks.

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Maui in Hawaii

©Travel + Leisure

If you are lucky enough, you will get your hands on some great international flight booking offers for this summer. The airfares are based on the picked destination, but if you get a good Hawaii deal, don’t hesitate to take it.

The most common tourist activities there are cage-diving and shark watching and feeding. The waters around the islands are home to 40 species of sharks. Since the 1800s, Hawaii recorded a number of unprovoked attacks of sharks.

May 2019 is a significant date, for it chronicled a fatal shark attack: a simmer was bitten 100 yards away from the shore. Hawaii’s waters include whale sharks, hammerheads, reef sharks and blacktips.

If you are going to any of these beaches or places, bear in mind what you have just read and be prudent!

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