Here Are The World’s 10 Highest Waterfalls

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Kjelfossen is 755m long, making it one of the tallest (if not the tallest) waterfalls in Norway. Once you view it, you will notice 3 major streams that all fall together, creating a unique scenery.

The best times to visit this gorgeous waterfall are in early July or June because that’s when the snow is melting and feeding Kjelfossgrovi and Kjelfossen rivers!

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Catarata Gocta –Cocachimba/San Pablo, Peru


After the collaboration between the National Geographic Society and Ziemendord expedition party in 2006, they discovered that Catarata Gocta is 771m and is definitely one of the tallest falls in the world. It is also one of the tallest free-leaping waterfalls in Peru (and the world) because it consists of a 230m upper drop and a 531m lower drop.

Due to that free leap, you will not be able to tell which way to slice and dice it, making the waterfall more unique.

Ramnefjellsfossen –Sogn og Fjordane, Norway

©European Waterfalls

Ramnefjellsfossen is an extremely tall waterfall that falls into the Lovatnet Lake from glaciers, and of course, it is considered as one of the tallest Norway’s waterfalls.

After getting its exact height measurements, they finally found out that it is 818m tall, which means taking a trip there is going to cost us so much effort and sweat, but it is worth the view as it combines between nature’s greatest power and the planet’s unbelievable force… It is definitely a feast for the eyes!

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Browne Falls –Fiordland, New Zealand

©New Zealand Vacations

Browne Falls, with a height of 836m, has been a topic of discussion for years regarding whether it is New Zealand’s tallest waterfall or not.

After examining the NZMapped GPS Topographic map, they noticed that it is definitely tall enough to be on this list. The confusion was coming from its first 200m drop that is streaming before making it to the cascade.

Finding Browne Falls is a challenge because it blends with other cascades, but it is definitely worth the adventure.

Angel Falls –Canaima, Venezuela

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