How To Visit The 7 Wonders Of The World Without Leaving Your Home!

Last Updated on July 27, 2020

It has! Christ the Redeemer is a 30-meter high and 28-meter wide statue of Jesus Christ created by Paul Landowski. This sculpture is an international symbol of Christianity and perfectly displays the significance of Christianity for the Brazilian people.

You can’t enjoy Brazil’s amazing beaches, lively nightlife, fantastic climate, and welcoming locals from your living room. But traveling from home using only your computer allows you to see Christ the Redeemer and its amazing view over the city of Rio in full detail.

To start your virtual tour of Christ the Redeemer, click here.

6. Petra (Jordan)

Located in the Ma’an Governorate, on the southern side of Jordan, Petra is an archeological city that has attracted the attention of tourists for years. In 2019, the city received about 1.1 million tourists, a record that seemed unattainable after years of tension in the region due to the Arab Spring conflicts.

Grab your laptop, sit comfortably on your sofa, and start exploring this archeological wonder. If you have seen the film Indiana Jones, it will probably look very familiar to you.
To start your virtual tour of Petra, click here.

7. Chichen Itza (Mexico)

The Maya civilization is one of the most interesting and sophisticated civilizations that have ever lived. The Chichen Itza, a pre-Columbian city located in the Yucat√°n State, offers great insight into the lives of the Maya people during the Terminal Classic period.

The platform Stockholm360 created an in-depth online tour of this heritage site that allows people to see in great detail de main points of interest, as well as to know a little bit more about the history of this place and its people.

Of course, you can’t get a clear idea of the size and magnitude of these monuments through a computer screen. But the fact that we can get to know the world just through a handful of clicks is truly amazing.

To start your virtual tour of Chichen Itza without having to air travel all the way to Mexico, click here.



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