Never Do These 7 Things In The Caribbean!

Last Updated on June 7, 2019

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It is vacation time!! We can’t wait to pack all of our colorful, beachy outfits and head to the Caribbean. We know it is going to be one of the greatest vacations because we will be surrounded by turquoise water, golden sand, interesting culture, and beautiful people.

Obviously, we are not going to spend the entire time going from our hotel room to the beach to the buffet and that’s it. Vacations like these were meant to teach us how to get out of our comfort zones, explore the town, enjoy their street food, and talk to someone new.

But during this process, some people tend to make a few mistakes that could make them disliked by the locals… You truly don’t want to be seen as the disrespectful, obnoxious, and sunburn tourist by others and yourself!

However, those mistakes are mainly concerning your safety, health, and sanity. So don’t try to make any of them when you are spending some quality time in the beautiful Caribbean!


Swim with dolphins

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Of course, swimming next to a dolphin and taking a picture with it will get you the highest number of likes on Instagram. But the truth is, for a human to be around any marine mammal is not as good to them as it might seem.

According to a report by the World Society for the Protection of Animals and the Humane Society of the United States, whales and dolphins should not be in captivity because the majority of them would die after being rescued.

The dolphins you are swimming behind are not as free or as safe as you might think. Humans created enclosures to make those animals visible for people before considering their needs and comfort.

Not applying enough sunscreen

You are used to the sun you live under at home, so you basically know the amount of sunscreen your skin needs to be protected. Well, double that amount when you are in the Caribbean islands!

The sun on the islands would be a lot stronger than you are used to, which is why you should not just slap some sunscreen in the morning and then completely forget about it. You truly don’t want to spend the rest of your vacation in pain with a burnt-looking skin.

As you swim, remember that the sun would be affecting your skin more because the water reflects the UV rays. So make sure to make your sunscreen a habit and avoid the sun completely between 11 AM and 3 PM.


Ignoring the warnings from locals and beach signs

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It would be incredible to stumble across a beach that’s completely empty, but once you ignore the warning sign or flag, then you are just putting yourself in danger. There is obviously a reason why a beautiful beach would be empty: It could be a dangerous animal lurking around, strong currents, or crashing waves.

Remember that not all the Caribbean beaches have warning flags or lifeguards, and that’s why it is wise to control your sense of adventure and follow the advice locals tell you about where to swim. Keep in mind that sometimes, your safety matters more than a “wild” memory!

Not getting bug spray

Again, the islands are nothing like your home. You never know what bug would be interested in feasting on your blood when you are out there trying to relax.

All tourists must protect themselves from the many dangerous bug-borne diseases that could be transferred to their bodies through a bite of an infected mosquito such as chikungunya. You could notice that bugs are a big issue on the islands if you sat outside around dusk at the beach.

So as you are packing your swimsuit, make sure to pack some travel-sized bug spray as well, or you can just purchase it when you get there.


Traveling without insurance

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No matter what’s your next destination is, it is important to get travel insurance, and when it comes to the Caribbean and traveling during hurricane season, then the insurance becomes a necessity.

If your plans to visit the beautiful islands is somewhere between June and November, then you need to get the insurance as soon as you purchase the plane ticket.

If you kept on waiting until a hurricane starts roaming in the forecast, then it is way too late to even consider the insurance. Otherwise, you would be losing so much money when the trip gets delayed or canceled.


Not leaving your resort

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We understand that you have put too much money on the resort in order to enjoy all of the fun activities they provide and the gorgeous pools that are exclusive for you. But do you think that’s the point of traveling to a different country?

You are in a land known for its rich and diverse culture that deserves most of your time, it deserves to be explored and appreciated. You will be missing on too much if you didn’t try to see what’s the country is really about!

Get out of your comfort zone, try a cuisine that wasn’t cooked by the hotel chef, mingle with the locals, and appreciate the scenery beyond the resort walls.


Over-generalizing the Caribbean

Since the moment you decided to fly to the Caribbean, you must have generalized it into one conglomerate. When in fact, you should consider the other dependent territories and other countries that are located within the Caribbean territory!

Each place has its own unique traditions, cultures, laws, cuisines, and more. So before you decide on the destination where the majority of people go, do quick research, and then decide. Just remember that one nation is rarely the same as its neighbor; you will be surprised!

After all, make sure to make the right decisions before and during the trip in order to get the best out of your vacation, have fun, take enough pictures, and be present!



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