The 6 Best Winter Vacation Destinations You Should Visit Soon!

Last Updated on November 19, 2019

December is usually a frenetic month. Santa Claus is coming and the New Year is just around the corner. And there are a lot of things to do between these events.

A lot of preparations but some people like to take advantage of these holidays and schedule a trip to enjoy themselves and recharge batteries.

The options are endless: from cozy weekends in a place surrounded by snow-capped mountains to gateways on a southern beach to escape the cold that plagues northern America and Europe.

There are options for every taste and every wallet. We’ll show you a few of the best places to travel in December to whet your traveling appetite.


#1 – Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of those European cities that is worth a visit at any time. But it is especially beautiful during the winter when snow covers the roof of every building making their color palettes stand out.

And you can see it all from the picturesque Charles Bridge above the Vltava river or the top of the Prague Castle. If you like the work of Franz Kafka, you should really wonder the streets of Prague during winter, and see for yourself why he liked Prague at this time of the year so much.

It is also one of the best places to travel on a budget because the cost of living is below most countries’ average. Fun fact: the cost of living index is calculated in comparison to the cost of living in Prague (the central reference city).

#2 – Hallstatt, Austria

Not many people have heard about this small Austrian town. But I promise you’ll fall in love with it the minute you see some pictures of its fabulous landscape during the winter.

It is located in the district of Gmunden, in Upper Austria, on the banks of the lake Hallstatter See and surrounded by wonderful mountains. Many experienced travelers recommend spending a night in this peaceful village. Check a few photos and see for yourself.

#3 – Edinburgh, United Kingdom

If Christmas decorations are your thing, then Edinburgh in December is the right city for you as it is one of the most fun places you can go in the winter. It has everything.

A huge Christmas market that fills the majority of Princess Streets Gardens from street level all the way to the gardens itself, where you can find all kinds of Christmas items, foods, games and other fun activities like rides and attractions.

The Christmas lights are also amazing, so you will really enjoy walking the streets of Edinburgh with the spirit of Christmas coming at you from every corner of the city.

If you want to stay for New Year’s Eve keep in mind that the Hogmanay, as they call it, is one of the world’s greatest New Year celebrations, lasting 3 days (from December 30th to the 1st of January) and gathering about 150,000 people from Scotland and around the world.

#4 – The Philippines


If you just want to escape the harsh winter cold and spend your time in a paradisiac destination, the Philippines are a great warm place to visit.

In December, the country is in its “dry season”, which people consider to be the perfect time of the year to visit. You can enjoy yourself in the magnificent islands and use this vacation exclusively to relax. Or you can try more adventurous activities such as scuba diving and explore the marine life.

#5 – Miami, United States of America

Miami is also a great choice. It’s a city full of life, with gorgeous beaches, and a pleasant temperature in December. During the holidays there are many activities that please all types of travelers.

If you are into arts, this might be the perfect destination because the Art Basel – an acclaimed modern and contemporary art show – takes place during this time of the year.

#6 – New York, United States of America

Some people say that New York is the best place to visit in December in the United States. The snow might give the city a fascinating aura, but the freezing temperatures are guaranteed to scare most people away.

If you are feeling brave enough to face winter time in New York, there are plenty of winter activities for you like snowboarding or ice skating at the Rockefeller Center. Or you can just stay inside a skyscraper admiring the city as snow falls down on its buildings and its people.

The good news is that you might find good air travel deals and cheaper accommodation in New York during early December, as most people try to avoid it.



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