The 9 Weirdest Restaurants Worldwide

Watching Ratatouille over and over makes you realize that food making and eating is about passion. What makes a good chef is his love for his profession.

If you are planning for any vacations this summer, you’d better start looking for low-cost airline tickets together with the nicest places where to enjoy exquisite and royal meals in your destination.

Get quickly done with your flight reservation and book your flight to embark your real journey. Once you arrive at your destination, be poised for the most unforgettable, cultural experiences that will mark your trip and make the hectic air travel you experienced worthwhile.

If you get to pay for private guides, they will certainly introduce to some of the weirdest restaurants worldwide. These restaurants can be either independent places or included in luxury vacation rentals or hotels.

What matters the most is that you make the best out of your food experience in such bizarre restaurants. Keep reading to know the top 9 restaurants with the most bizarre locations and designs.


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Modern Toilet in Taiwan


Imagine that you are going to spend hours and hours on the lookout for active vacation packages to go to Taiwan where you will enjoy a meal in one of the weirdest restaurants on the global scale: the toilet-like restaurant.

It is a modern toilet restaurant. The appellation sounds odd and disgusting given that it includes the word toilet, but you know what they say, never judge a book from its cover. Give it a chance!

This restaurant opted for a different designing concept to make the place stand out of the crowd of international restaurants. The designers, at the same time, aimed at attracting the attention of more visitors. Clearly, they succeeded it at this.

Sumblimotion restaurant in Hard Rock Hotel in Playa de Bossa, Ibiza and Sky restaurant in Dubai


The most fascinating souvenirs and memories are the ones we make when engaging in the craziest activities ever. Why would not anyway? Consider your adventure travel a chance an insane chance to try everything that you could not do in normal life.

Nobody will be watching you anyway; even if there is someone watching, s/he will be a total stranger. Let your wings spread because you are about to travel and have a meal in the sky restaurant in Dubai. Birds might join you for dinner.

For a more unique experience and even a delicious meal, try the Sumblimotion restaurant. It is like a sort of a level in a video game. It is just that you have to be super rich to try any of these restaurants.

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Aiguille du Midi in the Mont Blanc massif in the French Alps

©Fine Dining Lovers

Préparez vous pour une expérience exceptionnelle! Yes, it is time for some French taste. No worries, there will be no French grammar homework! On the contrary, you will get to experience something that only few people did before you.

It is a dinner or lunch in the Aiguille du Midi restaurant in the … French Alps. In 1955, the creative minds of French engineers and designers worked together to build this unique restaurant.

The only way to get there is through the cable car. No need to panic, though, because the experience can be really nice, not to mention the delicious food menu that you will get to try. If you are a climber, then you can certainly enjoy a climbing day in the Alps with your fellows.

Huashan Teahouse in China


We have been always amazed when we see the remarkable architectural achievements of the Chinese people. You are about to know one of their bizarre designs and queer building ideas.

At the top of the Huashan Mountain in China, you will find an unusual building standing there. It is the famous Huashan Teahouse, which is a fantastic place to get a special view and a cup of Chinese jasmine tea.

Why do you think these folks built this place in such a geographical location? Well, the region’s people used to practice asceticism and mediation; they needed a far point to connect with nature while sipping their cup of tea.

To get to this far point, you will have to take the huge Heavenly Stairs. We know that it is scary to think of getting there, but it is a great experience to write about in your travel journal.

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Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort in the Philippines


If you are to travel to somewhere regular on your vacation aboard one of those promo flights you found online without taking part in any special experience, then it is advisable to stay at home and do nothing.

Travel is your solo moment to be wild, in a good way of course, and try crazy and new stuff.

Many people think of traveling as a time when they get to stay in their hotel rooms, order food from restaurants that deliver meals, swim in the hotel’s pool, walk around the local village or town, and back to the hotel to take naps. Well, this is the most boring vacation you will ever hear about.

Make your journey worth it by trying the food, for instance, at the Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort restaurant in the Philippines.

Alcatraz E.R in Tokyo, Japan

©Atlas Obscura

Probably, when you hear Alcatraz, the great Alcatraz escape pops up in your mind. This justifiable for it is still a mystery that is not unveiled until now. The three prisoners that made it out of the prison of Alcatraz on the Alcatraz island in 1962 disappeared since then.

Nobody ever knew whether they survived or died in the sea before getting to the safe shores of San Fransisco. But the Alcatraz we are evoking here is different. It is this bizarre restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.

It is a sort of a prison-hospital themed restaurant which is good to visit on Halloween. Taking kids to there might not be a good idea.

They might get scared. At all costs, this restaurant is as scary as the real Alcatraz prison. But if you are fond of having fun in such a way, it is up to you to decide whether to go for it or not.

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Coppa Club in London


It is more like having dinner in space capsules. Well, that is the impression you will have once you have dinner at the Coppa Club in London. It is a naturally unique restaurant that London has; a city known for its irresistible glamour.

Everything at the Coppa restaurant is just mesmerizing and unexpected, not to mention the spectacular view of the Tower Bridge.

It might be one of the rarest restaurants with such low prices of many things on the introduced menu. Bear in mind that it is not one of those 24-hour restaurants. There are specific opening timings to abide by.

The Rock restaurant in Zanzibar


Drop the normalities and patterns off your travel list! Opt for things which are rare and new! Imagine yourself now in Zanzibar, embarking road trips around with your friends or family. This island might be small, but it has got a super-rich cultural heritage.

The food at the Forodhani market is just amazing, plus shopping for spices, given that the island is most famous for its spice trade, is joyful. Not to mention the memorable tour you can enjoy in the Palace Museum.

On top of all this, there is one place that can blow your mind: the Rock restaurant. It is experience made of a cocktail of ocean smell and food.

If you are fond of seafood, the Rock restaurant can serve the best and most even unknown kinds of fish. So get ready to taste the red lobster specials on your next vacation in Tanzania.

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Sea Underwater Restaurant at Anantara Kihavah Villa

©Aqua Platinum

In Dubai’s sky restaurant, you can enjoy your dinner with birds, but in the Maldives, you will get to have dinner with sharks. Don’t worry, you will be inside, but they will be watching from the outside.

The Sea Underwater Restaurant at Anantara Kihavah Villa in the Maldives is just beyond description. It might seem dangerous for the glass can be broken because of a natural disaster of some kind, and you will turn into dinner for fish instead of having a fish dinner.

Ironic, right? Well, that is an extreme possibility. The menu is rich in all sorts of meals you might think of, especially fish and seafood.

Sadly, travel booking websites do not always let travelers scout these places online so as to see them live on their vacation, but if you inquire about these restaurants, you will certainly get convenient answers and offers from your travel booking agent.

P.S: don’t forget to get travel insurance before you go for any super cheap plane tickets. As for hotels, be notified by independent hotel booking sites or hotel search sites after signing in.

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