The Best Travel Guide To Singapore ‘’Crazy Rich Asians’’

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

It’s true that the movie only exhibits one small and quick scene of the place, but you can feel free to enjoy a lovely walk down the Pioneer Trail and have a night that you will remember forever! Also, don’t forget to book a table at Humpback restaurant and enjoy an epic seafood dinner.


This is, in fact, a historic building that was originally founded as a Catholic convent. The place was restored just a few years ago and today, it is a moving mix of past and present and a perfect venue for the movie wedding scene. You don’t need to celebrate your wedding there, but you really ought to check up the place when you arrive there! It’s incredibly gorgeous!

Gardens By The Bay

This Park is definitely a must Visit! It is set in the heart of the city and characterized by the futuristic man-made Supertree sculptures that equally act as greenhouse domes and the other wonders that will surely take your breath away!

Merlion Park

This is another park that you must see when in Singapore! In fact, no visit to Singapore is actually complete without visiting this park and closely seeing the 2-ton mythical Merlion statue, which is half lion and half fish!



Things To Do In Singapore

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Get a Suit

It’s true that it’s impossible to see and explore everything in one single trip, but make sure you come back with a suit! Well, it never harms to get a set of new threads, don’t you think? Remember the stylish dudes in Crazy Rich Asians? There is no harm in following their steps once in a lifetime and check out the Prestigious bespoke shop, which is normally headed by Thomas Wong.

Eat At Newton Food Center

If you have the chance to visit Singapore, the first thing you will ever notice is the open air markets where food vendors are known to be so good and brilliant at preparing street dishes such as satay and Hokkien Mee.



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