The Most Dangerous Places That People Risk Their Lives To See

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Humans were born with this strong urge to go where danger exists as if our only way to feel alive is when the adrenaline is kicking within our vessels… It is true! The word “travel” means different things from one person to another; some consider it as a way to go somewhere new where they can relax and sit by the pool all day, and others prefer to spend it exploring new cultures. However, there is a percentage that enjoys living their lives on the edge, so their travel plans are filled with dangerous activities in dangerous locations, and since you are reading this article, we assume you belong to the last category! There are many destinations in the world that we should truly visit because they are extremely different and unique, yet, they are very dangerous, especially for the unaware traveler. Danger can be categorized as wars, street violence, weather condition, wildlife, and more, in any case, if you don’t want your travel plans to include an umbrella drink in your hand and toes in the sand, then here are some destinations where you can smell danger up close… we advise you to never go there, though!


If there is a short list of the most beautiful destinations on earth, then Brazil will definitely belong to it, but unfortunately, it is one of the most dangerous to visit due to the epic crime rate. According to the Department of State, the murder rate in Brazil is 4 times higher than the United States. That’s not all, murder is considered as the tip of the iceberg because Brazil is known with robberies, rapes, and kidnaps. Plus, there is a new kind of crimes that are called quicknappings, which means abducting someone for a short amount of time to get a quick payoff, like from the car to the ATM machine. In general, Brazil is extremely dangerous for touring, and if you want to risk your life, then be as careful as possible.


If you want beautiful beaches and breathtaking views of rugged mountains, then Venezuela should be on your list. But the dangers this country holds would inspire all travelers to stay as far as possible, especially with that increasing murder rate. Oh, and by the way, the majority of those murders go unsolved! This South American country experiences all kind of crimes like armed robbers, pickpockets, scammers, and hotel thieves. If you are wondering about the police, then you should understand that they rarely found, especially in areas where tourists hang out. In fact, crimes occur more at the airport.


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