The Scariest Destinations For People Who Are Afraid Of Heights!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

If you are going on an adventurous journey, there are some things you need to make sure to pack on your travel backpack, and one of them is travel insurance(because adventures can be risky and it’s better to be safe than sorry).

But really, what you need to take with you is courage – for these destinations especially if you are afraid of heights. This has a name – acrophobia – and it can be triggered by something simple, like bridges or elevators, to roller coasters or mountains.

This is a fear that is born with us because apparently, studies have confirmed that the survivalist in us is born with both fear of falling and fear of loud sounds. Some people maintain those fears until adulthood.

But for people who love a thrilling experience, the most dangerous places to travel actually seem like an excellent idea. Check with your online travel agent to see if they have any travel agency offers to these exciting places, and go on an adventure to test all your limits.


#1 – Chamonix In The French Alps


This structure is installed at the top terrace of Aiguille du Midi, so you will be walking at a distance of 1000 meters from the floor. The whole structure is made out of glass, so when you are walking inside it you actually feel like you are standing on a void, according to destination reviews. It must be an amazing view from up there, but are you brave enough?

#2 – The Burj Khalifa


This is the most famous building in Dubai, and its construction was completed in 2009. There is an observation deck on the 124th floor, and from there you get an amazing view of Dubai. The lifter works at top speed, bringing you to top of the world’s tallest building in a jiffy. Imagine being claustrophobic and be stuck on an elevator as it goes up 124 floors though, it also sounds pretty scary.

#3 – Zhangjiajie In China


The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is a famous postcard of China, and its natural beauty is purely amazing. In 2016 a glass-bottomed bridge was inaugurated, and it goes on for 430 meters above that natural setting. There is a 1430-meter drop under that path, though, so this one is only meant for brave people.



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