These Are the 6 Largest Milk Producing Countries in the World

Cow milk is highly nutritious and rich in proteins, Vitamin B2, B12, calcium, and Vitamin D. Cheese, buttermilk, custard, and other dairy products also provide potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and a variety of vitamins.

Countries around the world produce both small and large farms to raise dairy cattle to produce larger amounts of raw milk and improve the rate of their consumption and exports to other parts of the world.

The dairy industry is the driving force of some economies and different countries are working to improve their dairy technology to become the world’s largest milk producers and exporters.

The largest milk-producing countries are defined by a number of characteristics which include: a large number of head of cattle, functioning milk production facilities, and a large number of cow farms.


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New Zealand


The sixth-largest milk-producing country in the world is New Zealand, which currently has about 5 million dairy cows.

New Zealand’s milk production is increasing every year in addition to its milk exports. One of the famous dairy companies in New Zealand is Fonterra which produces milk, butter, cream, cheese, and yogurt brands like Anchor, Anchor Uno, and Mainland.

Some of the brand products are exported to Nigeria, Egypt, Yemen, UAE, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Japan.

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With more a wide range of milk production facilities and more than 70,000 dairy farms that are home to 3.6 million dairy cows, the dairy industry is booming in France. It is the driving force for the French economy, employing 250,000 dairy workers, producing 24 million tons of milk, and generating €27 billion every year.

These factors make rank France the largest milk-producing country in Europe, second only to Germany. France mainly exports its locally-manufactured dairy products to Germany and Italy.

Popular dairy brands in France include: Danone , Chèvréchard, Michel et Augustin, and Lactel.

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Russia produced over 15.86 million tons of raw milk in 2018, which amounts to a 3.5% increase in its milk output in contrast with 2016. The Russian capital city, Moscow, is now the main dairy-consuming region in the country.

Despite its current good rate of dairy production, Russia is working to advance its dairy technology and build more large-sized dairy farms to raise over 3,000 head of dairy cattle in the near future. Russia is currently building a massive farm in China that has the capacity to raise 60,000 cows.

Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods, is the major dairy brand in Russia, holding a 34% in all Russian dairy market, in addition to a 20% share of fruit drink products.

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The country with the third-largest dairy industry on the list and the first in Europe is Germany, raising more than 4.2 million dairy cows, home to more than 70,000 dairy farms, and generating approximately $14 billion annually.

Germany exported the highest dollar value of milk, amounting to $2.8 billion, making it the second-largest exporter in the world, according to World’s Top Exports.

The leading dairy company in Germany is Campina GmbH which produces dairy brands such as Campina, Dutch Lady, Friso Gold 1, Friso Gold 2, and Friso Gold 3.

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China is one of the world’s leaders of cow milk production, consuming approximately 30 kilograms of dairy produce each year and investing in building large-sized farms to raise over 100,000 cows.

Thanks to the dairy farms Russia is investing to build in China, the Asian country will soon become one of the largest exporters of milk in the world, since Russia has stopped importing milk from European countries and the United States.

The leading milk, yogurt and beverage, and ice cream manufacturer and distributor in China is China Mengniu Dairy.

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Home to large farms raising 15,000 head of cattle and small farms that are home to 30 head of cows, the US is the 1st largest milk-producing country in the world.

Washington, New York, Pennsylvania, Idaho, and California are the largest producing states in the US, whereas the primary exporters to the country are China, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico.
Some of the best milk brands in the US include Borden, Horizon, and Promised Land.

Those were the six major milk-producing countries in the world, thanks to their many dairy farms, large numbers of dairy cows, milk production per year, and the good rate of their exports.

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