This Is a List of the Most Haunted Houses in the America

You probably have experienced going through a scary house before in your life; we also bet that you felt really scared when you were there (haha! predictable).

People, such as yourself, who love to go inside haunted houses are probably adrenaline junkies—more specifically, they are addicted to the type of adrenaline that is secreted because of exposure to a scary situation.

Consequently, we suspect that you are addicted to horror films and love to watch those new Netflix horror movies. Moreover, you love to go online and search for the most haunted house in America or the best-haunted houses that will make you scared out of your wits.

It is such a search that has lead you to this article. Therefore, we are going to deliver upon request of the scariest haunted house in the US, to be particular.

Keep reading until the last words of this article to find out in detail about the most haunted house in America. The creators of American Horror Story should get some inspiration from these haunted houses!


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Asylum 49

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This haunted house is located in the city of Tooele in the state of Utah. This used to be a hospital back in the day. After that, it was turned into a nursing home. Now, however, it functions as a haunted asylum. If you want to re-live some experience you saw in a horror movie, you can do that now!

For example, you can have your body strapped into a hospital bed or you can experience the ghost tour, which will see you go through the haunted wings of the hospital. If cameras were around, Asylum 49 would make a good horror movie.

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Netherworld Haunted House


The second haunted house on this list is located in the city of Norcross, which is found in the state of Georgia. It is one of the most haunted houses in the USA, making it a great attraction for people who want to experience some fear.

This is one of the best-haunted houses that you will find in America, one that will allow you to experience real American horror. The settings and effects were made by real film professionals, which means that you will not be deprived of the element of reality—which is very important!

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Terror behind the Walls


This haunted house has a really long name, but it is scary nonetheless! It is located in the state of Pennsylvania; more specifically, in the city of Philadelphia.

“Terror behind the Walls at Eastern Penitentiary” (its full name!) is built inside a real state prison, which will give you the opportunity to experience prison cells and different cell blocks.

It is one of the most haunted houses in America that will make the creators of any horror movie revise their story twice before moving on with production.

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This is one of the haunted attractions that are very famous among the people of the United States of America. If you want to experience real American Horror, you need to go visit Thrillvania (what a cool name!!).

It is located in Terrell in the state of Texas. This haunted house gets approximately 20,000 visitors each year. Therefore, don’t miss out on being one of those visitors. It makes for the best horror movie real-life experience.

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Hundred Acres Manor


We love the name of this haunted house because it is very suggestively scary. If you want to visit this scary house, you need to head all the way to the state of Pennsylvania—in particular, the city of Pittsburgh.

There is a slaughterhouse that will make those tiny hairs on your arms stand up straight in fear of whatever dangers might be lurking around. Not even the top horror movies will be able to top this scary experience!

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Nashville Nightmare


For our next haunted house on this list, we are going to have to move to the state of Tennessee and, in particular to the city of Nashville. If you’ve watched all the best horror movies of all time, you need to experience this haunted house as well.

Nashville Nightmare employs some of the best actors in the business that makes visitors scared out of their wits, making the haunted house one of the best in America.

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The House of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs


For this haunted house, on the other hand, you need to move all the way to the state of New York. You will find The House of Horrors and Haunted Catacombs in the city of Buffalo.

This house sure brings all the famous scary experiences from all the best horror movies that have been shown and the upcoming horror movies. It has zombies, killers, and vampires. Make sure, therefore, that you check it out sometime soon.

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The Haunted Hotel


This is the first haunted house on the list that isn’t particularly a house, but a hotel! Interesting, right! The halls of this “ house of horrors” are filled with zombies and staff that are trying to claim your soul.

The Haunted Hotel is located in the city of San Diego, California, and it is one of the best-haunted houses in the States of America. Plan a trip with your friends to the place and experience some horror.

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Dent Schoolhouse


The next house of horrors on this list is called Dent Schoolhouse (interesting name!), and it is located in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The legend says that the school janitor was a psychopath and was responsible for the disappearance of some children, whose bodies were later discovered in a basement. Some new horror movie needs to take inspiration from the story of this haunted house. Make sure, therefore, that you check this place out—alone or with someone else.

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Woods of Terror


If you go to the city of Greensboro, which is located in the state of North Carolina, you will find a haunted house that has a pretty cool and scary name—Woods of Terror (*shivers*). It is one of the best-haunted attractions in the United States.

This haunted house started out as a scary hiking trail and soon turned out into a very famous one, attracting some 20,000 visitors each year.

We know, this has been a somewhat scary article, but it was necessary that we wrote it. We have given you a list of some really scary haunted houses. The best horror movies on Netflix—the best horror movies on Hulu, as well—cannot be as scary as the haunted houses that are on this list.

Before you go, tell something in the comments below For example, tell us your favorite haunted house form this list.

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