This is Where You Need to Go to Escape the Cold of This Coming Winter

Last Updated on October 23, 2019

Winter is coming, and the cold will come along with it. Naturally, one would want to escape to some warm destination in December to escape the cold—during that time, all the tropical places to travel become very tempting to any one that does agree too well with the cold. We assume that you are one of those people.

During winter, you would want to just escape your cold home city and travel somewhere wormer!

You start looking for cheap flight tickets (or just a regular flight ticket sometimes!) and hotels in one of the destinations that are famous for being war during the time of year in which your city tends to be cold.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the top 10 warm winter destinations that you can visit as soon as you can pack your bags, because winter is virtually upon us. The list includes some travel destinations in Europe and some awesome tropical destinations. We are sure that they will turn out to be dream travel destinations!

#1 – French Polynesia

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We kick off this list with one of the best travel destinations in Europe, one that you will find very warm during the winter. It is European because it falls under the sovereignty of France; however, it is very far from Europe!

The name of the place refers to one hundred islands that are scattered over the Pacific Ocean! Talk to your travel agency about this place, and have them prepare a trip there for you, with hotel bookings and some cheap flights if possible.

#2 – Mexico

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Now, we move all across the plant from these islands and reach Mexico. This is one of the best solo travel destinations in the world, and you have to check it out if you want to escape the cold.

As the rainy season comes between the months of May and October, Mexico becomes one of the best warm destinations in December. Make sure, therefore, that you book a flight there and go enjoy the warmth!

#3 – The Bahamas

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Third on our list, we find the Bahamas! Just the name of this travel destination is enough to make heads turn! The temperatures in the Bahamas—and this is relatable all year long—range between 75 and 80 degrees, making it a great warm destination whenever you decide to go.

However, since it is almost winter now, we advise that you pack your things, book some flights, find a hotel in which you are going to stay, and go there!!

#4 – Australia

From the Bahamas, we move all the way to the awesome continent of Australia! This is a great travel destination to consider during wintertime. It is one of those best solo travel destinations, and you will not get enough of all the great places that you will get to explore.

Consider, therefore, some swift flight booking and prepare for traveling across Australia during this winter—at least, you will escape the cold!

#5 – Bali

The fifth item on this list concerns a place that can be found in the awesome continent of Asia! It is one of those cheap travel destinations, meaning that you will not break a buck while traveling there.

Keep in mind that the month of January is considered a rainy month. Therefore, make sure that you plan your trip before that time—Christmas Time seems to be popular among tourists. Make good use of budget travel destinations.

#6 – Thailand

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We remain always in Asia; this time, however, the list features the great country they call Thailand. Granted, during the summer, Thailand gets really hot, so it’s better that you avoid those sweaty months.

During the winter, however, temperatures usually reach the mild and warm 80 degrees, making it great for exploration. It is certainly one of the many cheap destinations, so make sure that you go there during the winter.

#7 – South Africa

From Thailand, we move all the way to the south of Africa, to the country that is called… well, South Africa. This is a great place to visit during the winter, because the weather is mostly moderate.

The months that usually witness rain are those that run between June and September, meaning that it is one of the best warm destinations in December. Therefore, make sure that you entertain the idea of getting some travel flights and cheap hotels to Cape Town, for example.

#8 – The Maldives

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Again, the name of this place is enough to make the heads of many people turn. In this awesome place, the rain stops in the middle of the month of December, meaning that the weather turns pleasant during a time that is considered a time of cold in your home place.

It certainly not an underrated travel destination! Therefore, make sure that you talk to your travel agent about putting together a travel package to The Maldives together.

#9 – Morocco

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Well, Morocco is one of many underrated travel destinations in the world. If you are not a fan of the heat, we don’t recommend that you visit places such as the Sahara Desert and Marrakesh during the summer.

Instead, plan your trip in the winter. By going about it this way, you will get to escape the cold in your country and enjoy many places in Morocco. It is not a tropical destination, but it is a great destination!

#10 – New Zealand

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The final place that we are going to feature on this list is the lovely country of New Zealand! The abundance of natural beauty in this country has made many people enchanted with the country; and you should be, too! When it is winter in your country, it is usually summer in New Zealand.

Therefore, if you are one of those people that want to escape the cold, this country is a great fit for you! It is far (geographically) from any of Europe’s travel destinations, but it’s just as great—if not more!

This has been our take on the best places that you can visit in the winter to escape the cold! The list, of course, does not include every possible destination; however, it is representative of those destinations, and you should definitely check it out!

Before you go, tell us in the comments below the warm destination that piqued your interest.



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