This Is Where Your Car Will Not Be Allowed

When you’re out driving your car, you feel free. The whole of the machine feels like an extension of your body, allowing you to experience a pleasure that walking just cannot offer—this is true of every car there is, be it a new car, an old, used car, a hybrid car, an electric car, or one of those expensive luxury cars. You take your car out of the car wash and just run wild with it. Kudos for that!

However, not all the roads of the world are open to your car; some regions in the world don’t even have roads that would accommodate your car.

Therefore, if you think of visiting any of the cities that we have included in this list, keep in mind that your Tesla car, such the Tesla Model X, the Tesla Model 3, or the Tesla Model S (the Tesla Roadster hasn’t been released yet :/), will not be allowed there.

We know! It is unfortunate that you can’t drive some of the best electric cars that have ever been produced, but you just have to live with it.


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Mackinac Island, Michigan

©Visit The USA

If you own, say, an Audi car or a Volkswagen car, you will not be allowed to drive in or through Mackinac Island. This place has only 500 residents and contains a historic village and some natural splendors.

If you want to visit the place, you have to leave your car elsewhere and roam around on foot. For example, you can visit mansions, natural limestone formations, and the old fort.

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Zermatt, Switzerland


In Zermatt, Switzerland, you are very unlikely to find a car dealership around. The reason behind this is the fact that cars are banned in this place and you will not be allowed to bring your car in.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy the restaurants, shops, and museums, you will have to park your car at a nearby place called Täsch and take the train to Zermatt. There’s a ski school, so… better than any new cars, right?

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Daufuskie Island, South Carolina

©Golf Advisor

In this town, you will certainly not find any electric car charging stations! People who want to drive around the city do so in rented golf carts and not in BMW electric car or an Audi electric car as you would love to!

The place has a rich history and is very famous for its resorts. Therefore, you will be having fun inside Daufuskie Island, South Carolina, and you will learn some really interesting things about the history of the place.

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Pontevedra, Spain

©Creative Market

This one is an old historic city, meaning that it was built long before cars were invented. In other words, the roads of this village were not designed for cars. Nevertheless, during a specific period in its lifetime, Pontevedra witnessed cars going around in its streets.

However, in 1999 Miguel Anxo Fernandez Lores, who was the appointed mayor then, decided to ban all cars. The city has been thriving ever since. Luxury sports cars can make noise in some other place.

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Ghent, Belgium


There is a 90-acre zone dedicated to pedestrians alone. Therefore, if you’ve grown tired of your car, leave it in some nearby place and go enjoy a space without traffic or pollution.

The people of Ghent, moreover, are lobbying to add 37 more acres to the already spacious pedestrian zone. Moreover, there is a program called Living Streets that gives the residents to enjoy streets that are closed to all car traffic in the summer.

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Rottnest Island, Australia


The best electric cars and the best hybrid cars are a no-no in Rottnest Island, Australia, though bus tours are available. You can access the Island by a ferry and you can enjoy the clean weather while driving a bicycle.

Other activities—ones that don’t involve driving cars around—are sightseeing, bird watching, and snorkeling. Moreover, you will have access to some really great beaches and restaurants.

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Governor’s Island, New York


Car dealerships are non-existent in Governor’s Island, New York. If Tesla’s stock were to rise, it wouldn’t be from people buying Tesla cars in the Island. This is mostly a park that offers breathing space for the people of New York.

It was once a military base, meaning that it has a long history behind it. Therefore, keep your car where it is and take a ferry to the Island to enjoy some clean weather.

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Halibut Cove, Alaska

©GoNOMAD Travel

Halibut Cove is a remote village in Alaska that is located off Kenai Peninsula. This means that the only way in which you will be able to access the place is either by seaplane or boat.

Of course, once you access the village, you will only be able to go around on foot. If you love bird watching and enjoying some time looking at diverse wildlife, then this place is the right one for you. Your car can wait!!

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Sark, Channel Islands, United Kingdom

©World Travel Guide

It seems that there are a lot of islands on this list and that all of them have one main thing in common is that no cars are ever allowed on them. Sark is another such place!

It is the smallest among all the Channel Islands and can only be accessed by a boat. Moreover, it is known for being an agricultural island and a great destination for people who want to relax and go on hikes. Therefore, if you want a place that hasn’t been touched by the pollution cars produce, this one is for you.

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Venice, Italy

©Expert Vagabond

No time is the best time to buy a car once you’re in Venice, Italy. Moreover, you will not find any offers for the cheapest new cars or the best car deals. The reason being is the fact that no cars are allowed to roam around in Venice, Italy.

Therefore, if you want to buy a new car, you’re going to have to do it someplace. The only notable thing that you’ll notice once you’re in this place is the massive crowds of tourists!

This has been it for this list. You now know about 10 places. These places might not be the best for you if you’re more into driving cars all the time.

However, if you want it to escape traffic and spend a few weeks away for the best luxury cars that populate modern streets, then you need to plan a trip to one of these destinations.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below if you’ve ever visited one of the places featured in this list.

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