Top 10 Amazing Water Parks In The World

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

The entire park features aspects of Thai culture and style, from food and restaurants to floating markets. Your kids will not feel bored at all, as they can enjoy the 120 games made available for them at the Lost City; this is an adventurous spot reserved only for kids.

Adults can embark on different experiences like trying the Naga Racer, the Tower of Power and the Dragon for unforgettable rides. If you are planning to stay any longer in Spain, search for accommodation offers on travel booking websites.

Aquatica in Orlando (Florida) in the USA


Honestly, spending a day at this water park is worth it to be recorded in your travel journal. Just like any other water park, the Aquatica park in Orlando has its own special theme and design.

It seems that the designers laid their focus on Australia and New Zealand as sources of inspiration to come up with this park’ unique theme. Both adults and kids are provided with the rides that fit their ages and ensure full enjoyment.

They can go for slides of all kinds, inclusive of those which involve tornado funnels, tunnels and leap drops. If you are into surfing, you can give the two wave pools a try. They are simply amusing.

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Ocean World in Gangwon-Do in South Korea

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Have you ever been to South Korea? If you are already on a vacation in a nearby geographical spot to this county, finding cheap and promo flights won’t be an issue. If you by any chance fly there, you must pay a visit to the Ocean World in Gangwon-Do.

This is regarded also as one of the best water parks in the world. The interesting feature of this park is the fact the roots of the theme originates in the old Egyptian culture with all the existing tombs and pyramids around.

This Egyptian-themed park is divided into three main zones: the dynamic zone, the indoor zone, and the extreme zone. Each zone encompasses a number of rides where adventure is sought given the age of the visitors and the nature of rides.



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