Top 14 Unsafe Travel Destinations

If you are fated to die, death will hunt you down wherever you go. Know why? Because there is no way to avoid your decisive fate. But it is horrible, though, to live with that constant fear from the sort of death that might be triggered by mankind like a death in terroristic bombings or attacks.

Accordingly, before jumping on the first promo flights and cheap airline tickets you find, check whether your destination is safe and stable, and, therefore, fit to travel to.

Traveling is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to accumulate different cultural experiences, bring sweet souvenirs, and make nice memories chronicled in your unique travel journal. But the scenario can be completely reversed if you insist on visiting a dangerous place where death might be waiting for you.

You can’t book your flight unless and until you make sure that your journey will not be disrupted by any external factors in your destination.

Clearly, places which are now war zones or conflicts bases must be crossed out of your destinations’ list.

Sadly, some of these places were in the past among the most marvelous vacations’ spots, but now, they are no more than just rubbles, portraying the pains and suffering of their peoples. To know more about similar destinations, keep reading.


Dominican Republic


Before traveling to anywhere around the world, you need to have some very crucial things in your reach inclusive of travel insurance, just in case your flight is canceled, or you are in need of emergency medical care.

On top of this, as said before, you need to make sure that you are heading to a safe destination. The State Department classifies the Dominican Republic, for instance, as a dangerous spot.

The crime rate is very high, not to mention that recent news reveals several deaths of American civilians. Speaking of which, about 6 American tourists perished; three of them were suspected to have died because of being poisoned.

Back in January, a lady in Punta Cana said she was assaulted. Bear in mind that homicide, sexual harassment, and armed robbery are quite common crimes in the Dominican Republic.

The Bahamas


One of the most known vacations’ destinations worldwide is the famous Bahamas. The island is the best spot for road trips to see the glamour of nature and meditate in its infinite beauty. But this is not the whole story.

The State Department considers the Bahamas as one of the riskiest spots. New Providence and Grand Bahama are the main geographical focal points of crimes.

The American officials and personnel are not allowed to travel to any nearer points from the Sand Trap area, which is located in Nassau. The area witnessed a series of violent and aggressive crimes, which include armed robberies, burglaries, and sexual assaults.

In given tourist areas, these crimes are likely to occur in the daylight. Don’t trust any private guides or jet-ski operators.

Turks & Caicos

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It is unfortunate how sometimes the most amazing and cheapest places are harbors of all sorts of crimes; therefore, they put your safety and security at stake.

Turks & Caicos is the typical spot where adventure travel is possible, but with the high crime rates, it might not be a good idea to pack your bags and fly to such a place.

Many people prefer to come to this spot over other places for it does not cost them much to stay for few days on their vacations. The State Department warns its citizens regarding traveling to Turks & Caicos.

The island of Providenciales is the main harbor of crimes. Tourists are usually advised to avoid night walks. In fact, they are even asked to not answer the door of their hotel rooms at any late time at night.


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Few miles away from the American borders, there you can find Mexico. Despite the many crises this country is facing, it still is grabbing the attention of tourists.

But unfortunately, it turns out that the way movies portray Mexico as a focal point in the black market is true. For US citizens, Cancun in Mexico is the best travel destination in springtime.

However, the State Department delivers a warning, revealing that Mexico is the favorite spot for all kinds of criminals accused of all sorts of crimes, inclusive of carjacking, robbery, kidnapping, and homicide.

These crimes exist all over the Mexican territory. There are specific places that you should not approach at any rate which are Guerrero, Sinaloa, Colima, and Michoacan.


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It is very odd to have the UK as a country on the list of the most dangerous places in the world, but unfortunately, it is. The attacks that occurred few years ago and the ones which are recent render the country as an unsafe spot for tourists.

Americans like to step by London before heading to any other European city. Sometimes, cheap business class fares are available for nonstop flights from the US to the UK.

However, the State Department suspects that more attacks are being planned and plotted for; therefore, traveling to the UK is still risky.

In case you are obliged to fly there, it is preferable to remain distant from transportation hubs, markets, tourist locations, shopping malls, parks, places of worship and all other crowded places.



In addition to the UK, it is not quite normal to find France of the list on the riskiest travel spots for travelers. France has witnessed few years ago several terrorist attacks plus the recent protests.

These are all factors contributing to making France as an unsafe destination to travel to, at least for now until things stabilize. The State Department advises its American citizen to avoid traveling to France unless they have to.

The terrorist attacks are still being plotted in the back scenes, targeting clubs, hotels, and restaurants. The demonstrations that started few months ago are still on in the capital of the country, Paris. The most-likely-to -happen crimes are looting, property damage and arson in tourist areas in particular.

Spain and Italy

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These two countries are ones with a massively rich history of all events and changes which impacted the fate of the European continent. Spain has been known throughout history as a strategic geographical point in Europe, whereas Italy was the spiritual place where Christians used to travel to Rome.

Recent years have brought unnecessary and harmful changes that affected both countries deeply. The sporting events, hubs, government facilities, and restaurants are possibly targeted by terrorists in Spain.

As for Italy, Rome, the capital, is one of the most visited spots in Italy according to CNN. Terrorist activity is another factor that makes the country unsafe to travel to. Airports, schools, tourist sites, and other places are also possible targets for terrorists.



This is one of the European countries that gave hand to hundreds of refugees that fled war zones, which is the case of Syria and other countries. Before the terrorist wave that hit the safe shores of Europe, Germany was a peaceful country to travel to and wander around.

But things changed very quickly given the recent events. Even if you insist on traveling there, just avoid being in crowded public venues and tourist sites as much as you can. The local authorities offer assistance and guidance when needed.

There are plenty of other interesting things you can do in less crowded places. The air travel to there might be worth it, but it is still dangerous.



The Netherlands reminds us very often of the horrors of the Second World War; all the destruction and the sad stories which are narrated by those who witnessed the gruesome cruelty of the war.

In fact, Amsterdam houses the residence of the famous Anne Frank, the little girl who recorded the hostility of the war during the Nazi times in her diary.

Decades after this, Amsterdam, like many European cities, became a marvelous place, attracting the attention of millions of tourists worldwide.

The city is quite famous for its interesting restaurants. The State Department enlists the Netherlands as one of the countries possibly subject to future terrorist attacks. So be prudent!


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Before concluding your flight reservation, run a deep search for cheap active vacation packages and affordable flight and hotel deals with the help of a travel agent or on your own.

It is noteworthy that you necessarily must be aware of the destinations classified by the State Department as unsafe and dangerous spots to travel to. Jamaica is one of these travel destinations.

If you are already there while reading this, it is recommended that you keep your eyes wide open and take into account precautionary measures before walking out of your hotel room.

Based on the information provided by the State Department, several crimes are quite common in the country, ranging from sexual assaults, homicides, home invasions and armed robberies. Kingston, the capital, witnesses shootings regularly plus sexual assaults, which are widespread around the city.



Few decades ago, Asia was a place where hunger and poverty were prevalent, but overnight, things changed. A new Asia was born with countries which are deemed to be among the strongest states internationally.

Such Asian countries used their resources to build solid and robust communities. Indonesia, for example, is one of these countries that managed to draw the attention of thousands of business visitors and tourists over the past few years.

The best online travel booking sites unveil sometimes great offers of super cheap plane tickets to get there. Unfortunately, terrorism makes the country dangerous to visits.

The potential targets are hotels and tourist sites where foreigners are. In addition to terrorism, natural disasters are another reason why you should not visit Indonesia. Tsunamis and earthquakes are likely to occur at any moment.



The Philippines is another Asian dangerous country to not think of visiting. According to the State Department, there is a significant and proved presence of several terrorist groups.

The Philippines is, for now, an unsafe place because of kidnappings, attacks, and bombings that can happen at any moment. The country’s government announced a national state of emergency due to the lawless violence in Mindanao Island.

The Sulu Archipelago and Marawi are spots to completely avoid due to terrorist activity, kidnappings, and civil unrest. Additionally, there are several diseases that might be prevalent in the national territory of the Philippines.



India is one of the top visited places globally given its remarkably rich culture and interesting living style. All that we know about India is what Bollywood portrays, but there is always another side of the coin which is hidden.

That side is the numerous crimes that the country witnesses yearly. The number one crime with increasing figures is rape based on the information provided by the State Department. This makes the country dangerous for solo female travelers.

Tourist location plus other locations are places where sexual assaults happen very often. Due to the civil unrest and suspected terrorist activity, it is recommended to not visit the state of Jammu and Kashmir.



Brazil used to be one of those places where spending your vacation in luxury vacation rentals with all sorts of facilities and services was everyone’s dream.

But as days pass by, Brazil shifted from being a safe destination for travelers into a country with high crime rates. The most recursive crimes are armed robbery, carjacking, and murder in urban areas.

Such crimes might happen at night or even during the day. The country hosts the biggest black markets of organized crimes and gang activity. In the northern part of the Para state, about 11 people were murdered in a shooting.

Most of the counters which are situated geographically speaking close to Brazil are categorized by the State Department as dangerous places for tourists. The list includes Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, and others.

Despite the low prices of plane tickets found on travel booking websites to many of the places that we have evoked, your life is much important than your vacation for sure, so don’t take any impetuous decisions.

If you are worried about having no time to find good hotels deals, then don’t. Both independent hotel booking sites and general hotel search sites announce interesting offers.



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