Unexpected Travel Surprise: The 8 Most Affordable Trips In 2019

Last Updated on May 17, 2019

Once you think of vacations, the first thing that comes to your mind is the funding. It is true that finding super cheap plane tickets is hard, let alone cheap business class fares.

Finding one of these would be miraculous, especially during the holiday season. Still, the best online travel booking sites offer such great help as far as flight reservation is concerned.

It is very important to sign in such websites to be notified of any flight and hotel deals anywhere in the world.

For the record, the best travel agency for honeymoon packages, honeymoon beach ideas plus luxury vacation rentals has become surprisingly affordable in 2019 chiefly in 8 gorgeous spots. The reasonable rates of dining, activities, and lodging will surprise you.

You may not even need that travel expense management app or worry about the expenses anymore. Of course, flight tickets cannot get below a certain cost, yet there are some great deals going on. Read about the 8 cheapest places you can pack to on your summer or winter vacation.



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Watching Moana must have made you very excited to travel to one of the most amazing paradises on earth: Hawaii. The flight costs to this gorgeous island have become increasingly cheap.

According to SmarterTravel’s sister site, you can find a perfect flight for which you will pay less than $500. This was the case in 2018 as well. This occurred immediately after having major airlines launched unexpectedly routine flights from and into Hawaii.

Automatically, the airlines started their annual competition over who is to make the biggest profits and offer the best deals. With the internet, you may buy airline tickets online now. Be ready to find your catch once the Hawaii airlines launch its Basic Economy Fares.

Once you set foot in this earthly paradise, you can’t resist the charm of the golden beach and the pearly blue seas. In fact, beachfront rentals are the best for such a view.

If you are about to get married, you are strongly advised to check Hawaii wedding packages. You can have a mesmerizing wedding thanks to one of those Hawaii cruise deals.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


A few decades ago, several Asian countries used to live in severe poverty and dire conditions. Their peoples worked hard day and night to improve their communities, one of which is Malaysia.

It is a Phoenix country which managed to run demonstrable changes. Its capital has become the major touristic spot and a favorite destination of many visitors. In Malaysia, you can find the cheapest cost for a stay in five-star hotels.

That is to say, you can spend a night at a three-or four-star hotel for less than $200. Can you imagine? That is quite a catch! It is okay if you forget your wallet in your hotel for you are not going to need it.

You can admit into museums, go on walking tours, visit religious sites and wander in green parks. You can find auto rentals to find a car everywhere in Kuala Lumpur.

But if you prefer public transportation, then you better get on fast. The amazing news is that you will pay 0 Ringgit. $3 or less is all what a car ride costs.

London, England

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How do you think London was in the Victorian period? Certainly different from now, but definitely, it had its own charm. London is England’s melting pot. It is a multicultural city with extraordinary sites and places to visit.

Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, the red telephone boxes, the green countryside, and Big Ben are worth it to check. The hotels and lodging costs are varied and different given your budget.

Airfarewatchdog speculates that the UK flight deals will spike at any moment. The competition will become higher with the offer of cheap Basic Economy tickets pricing.

But it is really worth it to journey all the way to the empire upon which the sun never set. You can download a tour booking app to enjoy collective visits to museums and parks.



Curacao is named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This Dutch-Caribbean island is not commonly heard about as much you do about Hawaii or the Maldives. But it is absolutely worth it to check out. Summer is the golden peak times of the island.

It receives large shares of visitors, whom you can clearly see enjoying their time on the sandy beach or swimming in the blue, pure waters. From major US cities, you can take off towards Curacao.

You can find an affordable flight of $300. As soon as you arrive, you cannot resist the nocturnal stays in the beach rentals or resorts.

You will be surprised that you will pay only $200 per night. The Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort is rated with 4 diamonds from the AAA at only $220 per night. That is already amazing.

Lake Como, Italy


Italy has been always an amazing destination which caught the eye of world travelers all over the world for centuries and still it is. The particular nature of the country and the peculiar architecture reflect such a romantic touch.

Take Lake Como in Italy for example; it is like an earth star with a beach view. Historians and chroniclers would love a 3-day-stay in this spot. The lodging is definitely affordable.

According to Clark Shelley, who is the spokesperson for Como-based Lario Hotels, Como was defined by the Romans as a holiday destination. Now, with escorted tours in Italian lakes, you can see and explore Como as well as other lakes with very low costs.

You can join a group or go individually to try some activities in the approximate nature trails and medieval villages. It is truly like being on a historic train with a tour guide, preaching you on the remarkable history of Italy.

El Salvador


Here is a piece of info you will probably hear about for the first time: El Salvador’s currency turned to be the US dollar. Well, this will make the planning for your vacation’s expenses easier.

Identify precisely the budget of your trip and kick off the journey. El Salvador is one of 2019 most affordable destinations. Although it is the smallest country in Central America, it hosts splendid sites like Joya de Ceren and San Andres which are two sites recognized as parts of the UNESCO World Heritage.

You can access the two sites for less than 5 dollars. If you like hiking, then this is your lucky day for you got the chance to reach the top of the highest volcanoes and discover the country’s coffee culture.

A five-hour-flight from New York will get you to your destination. As for the night stay, try the quaint, luxurious hotel of Sal & Luz Hotel with a very reasonable pricing tag.


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Reading about this gorgeous Scandinavian country will make you think that you are discovering another alien planet other than earth. Apart from the unique weather/ climate and dark nights, the country looks like a very particular spot in the middle of other similar points on the map.

Pick any Iceland travel guide to know more about this country from its geography to its history. As a touristic country, Iceland gained quite a reputation. You can easily find tour guides and operators plus hotels and guesthouses.

The Blue Lagoon is quite famous, yet it is not the only interesting thing that you can see. There is even a glacier lagoon you would certainly enjoy in the north.

The magic of Iceland is beyond linguistic descriptions; perhaps, professional pictures are the only ones to translate the charm of this destination.

If you google simply the best Iceland tours, you will find thousands of deals and offers. If you take an hour ride from Reykjavik, you can check Lambastadir Guesthouse, receiving guests constantly.



This country is one with thousand years of interesting history. It serves as a holy land for Christians, Jews and Muslims alike. Many travel accounts spoke of the beauty of this country’s landscape and culture.

2019 is offering a ticket to discover this part of the Orient. You cannot help falling in love with the Palestinian local foods, traditional customs, and cultural folklore.

The interesting thing is that you can see the queer, yet the beautiful, ancient biblical sites. You could have heard of a Palestinian food called falafel, but you might have the chance to taste it with hummus.

There are specialized websites which organize visits and tours around the country’s capital. There are also booking sites for hotels around Palestine. Despite the pains of war, Palestine is still a welcoming country; a perfect spot for solitude.

Excitement might be already taking over, right? Well, remember that 2019 is your chance to visit gorgeous spots with the least costs ever. Don’t give it a second thought. Go ahead and finalize your flight reservation to one of the abovementioned destinations.



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