Weird Travel destinations That Should Be On Your Bucket List

weird travel destinations

Last Updated on January 19, 2021

Are you planning your next vacation? Cliché holiday destinations are not your thing? Well, this might be the right time to look into some unusual travel destinations! The world is such a weird place to live! From the Chocolate Hills of the Philippines to the Red Beach in China, there are plenty of fascinating and otherworldly places you should see at least once in a lifetime! If you’re an adventurer at heart and like to experience the thrill of something unusual, then you should not miss out on these weird travel destinations. Quench your curiosity and love for fun by checking out these weird places to see around the world.

1. Red Beach, China

Located in Panjin, China, the Red Beach is not what you might have imagined. Instead of sand, this beach is covered in seaweed known as Sueda, which turns a bright shade of red during fall — making it one of the most stunning landscapes and biggest wetlands in the world! So, get your camera ready! Or, if you can’t afford a ticket to this gorgeous land, close your eye and imagine walking across the Red Beach at sunset, taking in the fiery red hues that stretch out to the sea.

2. Glass Beach, California-US

Another mesmerizing beach on the list is Glass Beach. This beach earned its name from years of getting garbage dumped on it! The waves broke down appliances, cans, and bottles on the beach, creating a beautiful collection of colorful glass pebbles. Now, ironically, tourists and visitors are stealing those rare glass pebbles!

3. The Catacombs of Paris

Not only weird but creepy, the Catacombs beneath Paris are bones and skulls of more than six million people taken from the city’s overcrowded cemeteries and arranged in the macabre displays. The Catacombs are now a popular tourist attraction in Paris, so don’t miss out on such unique creepiness and get your catacombs ticket!

4. The Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are just as delicious-looking as they sound! Varying between 100 and 40-feet high and numbered at 1,200, these conical hills are a mystery, as scientists have not concluded how they were formed. In the winter, these hills look as brown as the color of chocolates. In the summer the hills turn into a vibrant green in summer. Get ready for a winter trip to this chocolaty and other related weird travel destinations!


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