You Must Visit These 8 Vacation Destinations Before You Die

Life is going at such a fast speed that you feel as if you can’t even catch your breath. We put so many efforts into our work and studies to the point that we forget that our bodies need to get some rest and have fun.

It is not a healthy habit to keep yourself concerned with work and studies without taking time off your schedule for recreational purposes. One of the most fun activities that you should do every once in a while is traveling.

When you take a vacation and you travel somewhere, it helps you start afresh and take a moment to just breaaathe.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the locations that you definitely need to check before you hit the bucket. In these travel destinations, there are all kinds of impressive things waiting for you, and you will have a well-deserved rest.


Surf Vacation In Hawaii


Hawaii has lost some of its glow as a vacation, surf-centered destination to Costa Rica. However, it is still taking the throne. What is really distinct about Hawaii as a travel destination is that it has 8 main islands, which means that finding a suitable spot for you is guaranteed.

Pros can find those huge breathtaking waves, while beginners can have some training with baby waves.

Also, if you want to leave the beach, you can pack your trekking backpack and head for an adventure on hiking trips on the several trails on the island. So hurry up and run some website booking before it’s too late.

Diving At The Bioluminescent Bay In Puerto Rico


Another place you should definitely contact your travel booking agent about is Puerto Rico. When you reach San Juan, all that is going to take you is a short drive, and you will get yourself an unforgettable light show.

When the bay gets darker at night, you’ll have the chance to watch the microscopic plankton glowing turquoise.

If you want to take some magical photos using your smartphone or camera, you can kayak or go for a swim through the neon water. However, it would be way cooler if you can dive at night for a more mesmerizing experience.

African Safari In Botswana


If the online travel agent and the online travel companies you are dealing with do not provide you with a chance for a safari, then maybe you should opt for others.

A safari trip should be on your bucket list of things you need to do before you follow the light. In case you want to be among the adventurers who have the chance to witness wildlife up close, you need to take a trip to Northern Botswana.

You will be able to visit lands with open savannahs, watch the mesmerizing sunset, and of course animals such as buffalos, lions, and elephants.

Camping In Yosemite National Park


Campers in the Yosemite National Park will have the chance to witness a big number of natural wonders that come together to create a picturesque scene. The park has granite cliffs and mountains (the most famous of which are El Capitan and Half Dome), impressive waterfalls, and winding streams.

Use a tent to camp in the park and forget about looking for the best site to book hotel rooms. This may sound harsh, but how can you go through with your life without experiencing spending a night in a tent. Just try it; you may fall in love with it.

Visiting Paris


Another famous destination on travel booking websites is Paris: the city of romance, lights, culture, and love. France’s capital is known to be the capital of fashion and art of the world.

You will have the chance to check out the great French cuisine (ranked among the best in the world), the mesmerizing architecture, the abundance of museums and monuments, and check the remains of the Notre Dame Cathedral (which was built in 1889 but caught fire in 2019).

A trip to Paris will definitely make the dollars you spent from your credit card worth it; so book now and fly!!



The reason why you should get in touch with the best online travel booking sites for a trip to Venice is the cultural value of the city. Italy is ranked first as the country with most UNESCO World Heritage Sites; and many of which are in Venice.

Actually, the city and its lagoons are included in the list. Venice has a rich history, delicious food, and impressive several museums. In addition, it won’t be a visit to the city if you do not try a gondola ride. So what are you waiting for to go visit this mesmerizing city?

Food Adventure in New Orleans

©Miami Food Pug

We all love food, in fact, we love food so much that we keep on eating stuff because they are delicious without even considering their effects on our health; especially the YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE people out there.

So if you are a man or woman with a big appetite, traveling for a food adventure to New Orleans is not a bad idea. The city has become a refuge for people looking for fine dining.

So whether you are looking for a Creole stew with a gourmet twist, or the yummy shrimp po’ boy, among other foods, this city is the place for you.

Visiting The Maldives


A trip to the Maldives makes paying for health insurance and travel insurance, giving money to the airline industry, and supporting annoying flyers worth it. The Maldives is really distinct from other famous destinations such as Mexico or the Caribbean.

It has remote, quiet islands with impressive snorkeling and diving spots, as well as beautiful hats over the water. It is also an impressive location for surf fans.

So make sure you have this beautiful destination in the Indian Ocean in your bucket list as a romantic getaway or even when you decide to travel solo.



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