You Need to Know Where the Number of Homeless People Is Most High in the World

Last Updated on January 2, 2020

Being homeless is not something that you want to be inflicted upon you—especially that healthcare for the homeless is nonexistent.

It is sad that people still have to turn to the streets for shelter in a time where wealth is abundantly present but restrictedly distributed. 1.6 billion is the number of how many people are homeless in the world—that’s a massive number!

However, this number of homeless people is not proportionally distributed across the entire world, which is to say that some cities have a higher homeless population than other cities. In this article, we are going to focus on that. More specifically, we are going to talk about cities with the highest homeless population.

The list, moreover, will feature cities with the highest homeless population in the US, which will give you about the dire situation of homeless people, especially homeless veterans.

All of this goes to show that efforts for helping homeless people need to be increased exponentially in the coming years (general homeless shelters, homeless shelters for families, healthcare for homeless people, housing for homeless, etc.).


#10 – Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Cities from the US are going to come up more than one time on this list and that is a serious matter to consider. In the number 10 spot, we find the city of Boston.

This city, which is situated in Massachusetts, is a member of the club of cities with the largest homeless populations. The number of homeless people that take to the streets of this city is 16,000 man and woman. It seems that there need to be more homeless shelters in Boston!

#9 – Sao Paulo, Brazil

We move south from the United States of America and head to the city of Sao Paulo, which is found in Brazil. This city comes in the number 9 spot on this list with 21,000 homeless people as the total number of homeless people that live without a shelter in the city.

Helping the homeless of this city is a necessity as Brazil is not so good at tending to the needs of these people, especially that Sao Paulo is considered one of the richest cities in Brazil.

#8 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

We remain Always in Latin America, however, we move this time Argentina; more specifically, to Buenos Aires. It is considered one of the cities with the most homeless people and that is extreme!

The total number of homeless people in this city has reached a staggering number of 30,000 people. The majority of these homeless people have to live on the streets as there is a shortage of homeless shelters with the required capacity to house all of these direly-in-need people.

#7 – Mexico City, Mexico

It seems that Latin America has more than its fair share of homeless people. The number seven place goes to Mexico City with more than 46,000 homeless people. That is a number that is enough to make everyone’s head turn!

What more sad about the situation is the fact that help for homeless people is scarce in this city, which means that the people who have found themselves in this situation are not going to see the situation change any time soon.

#6 – Moscow, Russia

We now move all the way to Eastern Europe; more specifically, to Moscow, the capital city of Russia. This famous city houses a staggering number of 50,000 homeless people.

These people find no home but the streets to turn into, and it is particularly hard for them to combat the freezing cold that characterizes the city of Moscow. According to the Russian constitution, everyone has the right to place to shelter them; nevertheless, it has not been fully realized yet.

#5 – Jakarta, Indonesia

Coming on the fifth spot on this list is the Indonesian city of Jakarta whose streets are known to be the “shelter” of some 50,000 homeless people.

Poverty is the number one cause behind the problem of homelessness in Jakarta; however, natural disasters also contribute to an increase in the numbers of homeless people from time to time.

Moreover, this city lacks in terms of homeless shelters for men and homeless shelters for women, which means that every man and woman has to take to the streets.

#4 – Los Angeles, California

This is the second American city in this list and it comes in the fourth place. Los Angeles is reflective of the situation of homeless people in the United States. It is one of those US cities that lay claim to most of the homeless people (58,000).

Moreover, there is a scarcity of homeless shelters in Los Angeles, which means that people spend the majority of their time on the streets and have to rely on alms for their livelihood.

#3 – Mumbai, India

The city of Mumbai lays claim to the third spot on this list. It is sad how this city has a total number of 60,000 homeless people who find no shelter but the streets in which to stay.

We should be especially concerned for the homeless people of Mumbai as the majority of them is composed of children. These children find no homeless shelters in which to stay, which makes them subject to exploitation and abuse.

#2 – New York City, New York

The third American city has made it to this list of cities with the largest population of homeless people, and it lays claim to the second place. Since it belongs to the cities with the most homeless people, you will find homeless people in New York wherever you go.

The number has recently reached 74,000 homeless people. Unfortunately, New York homeless shelters cannot tend to the needs of all these people.

#1 – Manila, Philippines; 3.1 million homeless

The number one spot on this dismal list goes to the city of Manila which is located in the Philippines.

You will not believe this number when you read it, but the city of Manila has a total number of 3.1 million homeless people, making it the top homeless city in the world. Children make up most of these people, which means that exploitation and abuse are ripe. Help for homeless families is scarce and homeless shelters are scarce or nonexistent.

This indeed has been a dismal list, and it is unfortunate that we had to write it up. Of course, homeless people are not limited to these cities alone; they exist in every city, including the city in which you live. Go to the nearest homeless shelter and help however you can by being a homeless shelter volunteer.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below what you think should be done about the homeless situation in the world.



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