5 Of The Most Surprising Things You Can Do In U.S. National Parks

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

5 Of The Most Surprising Things You Can Do In U.S. National Parks© Keteka

Growing up in the United States, means getting used to see and visit national parks countless times in your life. We are lucky to have a country that holds in its heart almost 132,000 square miles of national parkland.

Most of them are there to protect rare, large trees and others have glaciers, volcanoes, and dinosaur fossils. Each national park has its own unique beauty that provides us with experiences that requires a true outdoors lover.

After the country’s success at preserving many lands and huge expanses of wilderness, the parks are now available for all citizens and tourists to be explored.

However, visiting a national park doesn’t always has to be about just being there and taking countless pictures, it is also about living the adventure yourself. Here are 5 of the most surprising things you can do in U.S. national parks.

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The Great Sand Dunes National Park has some seriously incredible rolling sand dunes that are considered to be tallest in North America, which makes it perfect for sand sledding and sandboarding.

You will find many places that rent sand sleds and sandboards in Alamosa (34 miles southwest of the park). Technically, it is a great opportunity to try something new.

The best seasons for such activity is during spring and fall, but if you are willing to visit the park in summer, then make sure to go early morning or evening because the sands can get really heat up during the day (almost 150 degrees), which will kill all the fun.




Go Underground

Go Underground

© National Park Foundation

In case you didn’t know about this before; in Kentucky, there are some spectacular scenes lying deep below the earth’s surface that will need only a little courage to be explored.

Only a few miles away from Louisville in Mammoth Cave National Park, you will find the longest cave in the world, which is not even fully discovered yet but only 400 miles of it (the underground labyrinth).



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