9 Unique Cave Houses That You Will Absolutely Love

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

9 Unique Cave Houses That You Will Absolutely Love© Multiplaga.com

We travel, we book the best flight we find with the best offers, and then we find a beautiful/clean hotel where we can feel safe and comfortable because we want our vacation to be perfect. But have you ever thought about changing this routine a little bit?

There are many destinations where people took what nature already provided them and turned it into a stunning and luxurious space where tourists and locals can enjoy a little peace of mind, be embraced by the love of the land, and not give up their modern comforts.

So, we have collected for you unique cave houses from all over the world that you will absolutely adore.

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Beckham Cave Love – Parthenon, Arkansas, USA

Beckham Cave Love - Parthenon, Arkansas, USA

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In the heart of nature, Beckham Cave is not like any other place in this whole wide world. It has 4 bedrooms and each one of them is very unique, they have queen-sized beds, lavish bathrooms, and exposed cavern walls. Everything is surrounded by rock walls creating an experience that is liberating, and yet, very luxurious.

This beautiful cave house provides 6,000 square feet of space for its guests, which can handle over 15 people, which is perfect for a group getaway or a family trip!


Lava Cave – Santorini, Greece

Lava Cave – Santorini, Greece

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In 1875, this gorgeous place has started to develop from being a former sailor’s home to a luxury rental. With the pearl white walls, this place kept its traditional cave-curved Aegean style. The only additions were a very cozy bedroom, a luxurious kitchen, and an adjoining living area.

The best part is that it has a private and an exquisite indoor-outdoor Jacuzzi that gives you a breath-taking view of the ocean with crystal clear waters that sparkle night and day due to the reflection of the sun and the moon.



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