Here Are 10 Small Christmas Towns With The Most Amazing Holiday Spirit

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

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It is finally the time to get into the holiday spirit with a bunch of lights, Ho-Ho-Ho’s, and Christmas carols.

For some people, there is no better place to spend the holidays except at home, but there are others who prefer to spend it traveling and exploring cities with the most beautiful lights and gorgeous decorations, and it is never too late to do the same thing this year.

So hold hands with your family and loved ones, and go for a trip around the country to feel the holiday spirit in every corner of each state.

Obviously, you can’t visit them all during one holiday due to the lack of time and the insanely expensive flight tickets. That’s why we picked for you the most “Christmasy” ones that will bring out your inner Santa Claus. Look for the closest one to you, and head towards it.

So get your notebook right now and write down the Christmas towns with the greatest holiday spirit.

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Corning & Hornell, New York

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In order to be known as one of America’s best Christmas towns, you should be named Corning & Hornell. The locals’ great creativity and ability to decorate for the holidays is extremely astonishing.

Once you step in there, the southern Finger Lakes region will transport you to a simpler era with the delightful settlements between the deep blue water and that magnificent forest in the middle of all lights.



Cedarburg, Wisconsin


Cedarburg is a captivating historic town that becomes the real-life version of Norman Rockwell paintings during Christmas, which makes it one of the most authentic Christmas towns.

If you have kids, then they can meet Mr. Claus and his wife in their awesome gingerbread house. Also, if you are interested to do something good this holiday, then Santa’s Dash Away 5K is accepting money in order to keep the Workshop of Santa free for all families.



  1. This would be awesome; this must be something, say in the last 30 years; it was not like this when I lived there; I am so glad it is what it is and where it is. Thanks much for the pix

  2. Prescott! Been there on business…whomever would of thought of this beauty…go Prescott go.

  3. Leavenworth! What comes to mind first is the Prison….this is gorgeous, so very well done; the people that live there are fortunate and those that can see this are also.
    Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays.

  4. Where the hec is Frankenmuth Michigan in this survey??? Bronners Christmas store largest in America!!


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