Here Are 10 Small Christmas Towns With The Most Amazing Holiday Spirit

Last Updated on January 7, 2021



Crested Butte, Colorado

© Denver Westword

If you have never heard of this name, then it is time to because you are missing a lot of beauty and awesome sights. Crested Butte is when Santa lights up a gigantic Christmas tree while everyone is getting free S’mores and hot chocolate.

By night, you will be astonished by the gorgeous decorations down the Victorian-era’s streets, and by day, you can enjoy many activities skiing next to the mountain, which its peak will be illuminated, too.



Prescott, Arizona

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The town of Prescott taught us that we don’t need the snow to be festive. This destination is located between the largest stand of Ponderosa Pines in the country and the Prescott National Forest. The Christmas celebration has already started on November 25 and will continue till the New Year’s.

There are over 100 trees illuminated, and the Prescott Resort is hosting the largest Gingerbread Village in the world. Also, there will be many bands performing in the town to raise money for youth art scholarships.



Geneva, Illinois

© Family Travel with Colleen Kelly

Geneva is the source of inspiration for many Christmas towns in the country and around the world because it proudly honors its Swedish heritage during Christmas with an appearance by Santa Lucia.

All the audience gets to enjoy free traditional Swedish cookies and explore the most exquisitely decorated homes. But nothing compares to the glorious 50 ft tall tree that has been decorated by children with over 4,400 ornaments and lights.



Leavenworth, Washington

© Matador Network

This town might have been built and formed from a fairy tale book because its Bavarian-style mountain and all the decorations create the best Christmas town with a beauty that leaves us all speechless.



  1. This would be awesome; this must be something, say in the last 30 years; it was not like this when I lived there; I am so glad it is what it is and where it is. Thanks much for the pix

  2. Prescott! Been there on business…whomever would of thought of this beauty…go Prescott go.

  3. Leavenworth! What comes to mind first is the Prison….this is gorgeous, so very well done; the people that live there are fortunate and those that can see this are also.
    Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays.

  4. Where the hec is Frankenmuth Michigan in this survey??? Bronners Christmas store largest in America!!


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