How To Create The Best In-Flight Meal

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

We may pretend that going through airports and handling all the travel mess is an easy task, but there is one thing we may never tolerate: the plane’s food.

Anyone who’s used to travel on airplanes is actually aware of how horrible it may get so they already have snacks prepared in the day of their flight. After all, we just want to arrive at our destinations feeling refreshed and satisfied, not bloated and disgusted.

Also, there are people who are following a healthy diet that’s not supposed to be ruined because of a travel day. There is no need to worry about that because a little effort and a bit of knowledge will keep your body on track. You will still get to enjoy healthy foods and have a fun dining experience, even if you are high up in the sky.

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Pack your own snacks

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Comparing to the foods you usually eat, the plane meals are saltier due to the numbing effect of the height on your taste buds. So if you took salted nuts or any snack that’s filled with salt, then your system will be overloaded with sodium, therefore, you will be extremely bloated.

It is best if you take salt-free snacks like energy balls or fruits.


Take fresh vegetables

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Eating at the plane is not really a bad choice, especially if they offered salads. However, you will be filling your body with oily dressings more than fresh vegetables. In order to not ruin your diet and to keep your body ready for your destination, pack a small zip-lock bag of fresh carrots or red pepper.



Go for the white wine

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Most people prefer to drink red wine over any other alcoholic beverage, but in this case, it is best to drink white wine. The red ones are full-bodied and way heavier, which will make it go straight to your head since you will be drinking it in a pressurized environment.



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