The Most Amazing Pools You Need To See To Believe

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

The Most Amazing Pools You Need To See To Believe© Pinterest

Heading to the biggest, most entertaining pools in the world must be a very exciting idea. Swimming, in general, is a relaxing and fun activity to enjoy our vacation, which is why we always book flights to destinations where we’ll find beautiful, warm beaches, and book hotels where we’ll have an access to a swimming area.

However, there are some pools around the world that were created to amaze all travelers and to pump adrenaline in the bodies of those who admire adventure.

So if you are a fan of thrills and you’d love to share an experience that may cause your heart to literally jump out of your chest. Then these 5 pools will blow your mind because they are the world’s most fascinating pools.

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The Cage of Death

The Cage of Death

© Crocosaurus Cove

Located in Darwin, Australia, the cage of death is one of the unique pools in the world, and for a good reason: They put you in a cage and lower you into the pool where the hugest crocodiles –almost 2 meters long- can swim all around you, and by the way, they have over 2 hundred different types of crocodiles!

If you are looking for an adrenaline-seeking experience, then the cage of death is the one to try. It would definitely be the experience of a lifetime, that’s if you are brave enough.


Skyscraper Pool

Skyscraper Pool

© Pinterest

Swimming at a rooftop is definitely fun and exciting, but there is an apartment in Houston, Texas that took that fun to the extreme level. At the 42 second floor, there is a pool that is hanging 10 feet beyond the building with a glass floor, which gives the swimmers an illusion of swimming in the air.

Unfortunately, this pool is private and accessible only to people who live in that building. So if you are interested, move in there or befriend someone who lives in that luxurious building.



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