This Is What The Queen Packs When Traveling (And One Thing She Doesn’t)

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

This Is What The Queen Packs When Traveling© Getty Images

If you are one of those curious heads, then, surely, you can’t wait to find out what’s hidden in those incredibly luxurious Globe-Trotter brand suitcases of Queen Elizabeth II!

The Queen of England is considered to be one of the best travel heads of state in history. Hence, she might be an expert when it comes to the stressful process of packing!

Click on Next to figure out what her Majesty always carry with her while traveling, this way you will learn from her tips and make your packing process more enjoyable!

A monogra mmed kettle

A monogra mmed kettle

© Pinterest

British people are widely known for the love they have for tea. This bond seems to be too strong and unbreakable. In fact, a survey published in 2015 expose that half of the British people never ever forget to pack the teabags when traveling.

These surveys come only to prove that British people can never give up on their teabags no matter what the conditions are! The Queen as it has been reported by the Telegraph also do the same thing and packs a monogrammed kettle and Earl Grey tea when she travels!


A hot water bottle

A hot water bottle

© NYMag

The Queen’s suitcase won’t be complete if her hot water bottle is not packed! The queen-like to have this hot water bottle tucked between her silken sheets. This way, she would feel more comfortable and would easily fall asleep.

It also seems that sleeping the world’s finest bed is not as cozy as her own bed and home! Well, home sweet home!

The Queen’s senior aide even shared a small drama with Daily Mail saying that once a housemaid totally forgot about preparing the hot water bottle for the queen and then quickly got the chop while the queen wasn’t really upset about it!

Rather, she was very happy doing it for herself for the first time!



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