Top 10 Countries with the Most Attractive Women in the World

Top 10 Countries with the Most Attractive Women in the World

Last Updated on January 20, 2021


The definition of beauty changes from an individual to another, meaning that beauty cannot be defined or shaped based on specific characteristics. I guess we all know that our inner self or “spirit” has a lot to do with how we see each other.

So, how beautiful can a person be? Only the eye of the beholder can tell. Yet, a number of people can agree on a certain definition of beauty or a specific beauty rate.

NOTE: Each and every woman is uniquely beautiful, not to mention the radiant beauty that comes from deep inside. This list is based on online polls and searches.

With this in mind, let us explore the 10 countries that are considered to have the most attractive and gorgeous women on Earth

#10 – Venezuela

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Venezuela is home to one of the prettiest women in the world. Venezuelan ladies frequent winners when it comes to the prestigious international beauty contests. They have also appeared in internationally popular ads as well as magazine fashion shoots.

Their tall and slim beautiful bodies combined with their graceful beauty often get them awards and puts many crowns on their heads.

#9 – Philippines

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Ladies in the Philippines are known for being the kindest and most welcoming people. They often wear a gorgeous smile as their best makeup and they usually have a festive spirit as well. It’s all about celebrating life after all.

The unique beauty of this people is manifested on both the inside and outside, as the Philippines collects the most wins in the Big Four International Beauty Pageants.

#8 – Britain

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The British ladies are often described as the real ladies mainly because they are well-mannered, educated, and have a highly sophisticated spirit. Also, you might notice that they have various looks and skin tones due to Britain’s melting pot of different DNAs.

But in every look or skin tone, the British ladies are incredibly beautiful. Some of the most beautiful and talented British celebrities are Cheryl Cole, Kate Winslet, Emma Watson, Audrey Hepburn, and Kate Middleton.

#7 – The United States of America & Canada

The United States of America & Canada
The American ladies are independent, smart, and fun-loving, they perfectly know how to take a stand and be their own heroes. The American princesses actually save themselves! This is so much like filling a gorgeous body with tremendous inner power.

You can meet the pretty American ladies on every street, yet many people prefer the streets of NYC, Los Angeles, and Miami. On the other hand, Canadian ladies are also very beautiful and kindly strong, with a calmer aura, extreme politeness, and are generally easy to hang out with.

#6 – Netherlands


The Netherlands is a free country, embracing variety and differences, which are clearly reflected in this people’s behaviors. Dutch ladies are considered the true embracers of both natural beauty and inner power. They just zero worries about their looks.

Nearly 60 percent of women in this country are natural blondes, plus, their model-like bodies don’t really need many efforts or strict beauty routines. Furthermore, the Dutch models aren’t only beautiful but also one of the most successful models in the world.

#5 – Italy

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Besides deliciously rich food and wine, Italy is also home to the hottest women and men. Italian Ladies are full of passion, grace, and unique beauty. Also, they are always up to date with fashion, makeup art, and style.

Looking at the magnificent Sofia Loren or the irresistible Monica Bellucci, you can only comprehend how Italian beauty could charm the entire world, winning a splendid international beautiful reputation.

#4 – Russia


Russian ladies are the queens of natural beauty! They have amazingly-structured faces and fabulous skin, while embracing a unique mixture of east and west beauty. Not only naturally flawless charms, these women also got incredible talents.

Russian divas can blow your mind with the variety of talents, often seen in movies, sports, music, fashion, politics, and more. To grasp this country’s beauty rate, just take a look at the Attorney General of Russia.

#3 – Ukraine

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Ukrainian ladies are gorgeous, generous, and kind-hearted, as well as they are way prettier than Russians. Ukrainian beautiful women are renowned for their unique charm, natural thick lips, deep eyes, and luxurious body shapes.

It is said that they spend plenty of time on skin care, hairstyles, and makeup. Also, high heels are considered Ukrainian women’s best friends since each and every girl in this country must have at least a couple of them.

#2 – Brazil


Brazil is home to surprisingly eccentric beauty, that along with the best coffee, passionate samba, and an immense soccer spirit.

Brazilian ladies actually reflect the exotic charm that warms one’s heart effortlessly, probably that’s why they are among the top highest-paid models in the world and are also famous angels in Victoria’s Secret.

Moreover, they take a major part in the yearly festivals of the country, making the celebrations burst with lively and colorful beauty. We can all agree that Brazil has a tropical beautiful magic, and apparently so are its people.

#1 – Turkey

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Turkey is bursting with charm, and it’s on the top of this list because it is the place where the east meets west, creating an extraordinary cultural mixture! Turkish women successfully demonstrate that gorgeous diversity.

They are actually famous for their wonderful figures and photogenic appearances, which helped many talented actresses shine brighter in the audience’s eyes. Turkish ladies are considered to have a magically captivating charm.



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