Top 7 Countries With The Most Affordable Medical Care

Last Updated on March 22, 2019

Several studies and research expose that diseases are spreading now more than before due to the unhealthy lifestyle, consumption of junk food, and insufficient sleep. Our lifestyle is deteriorating and weakening our immune system, which clearly explains why there is an increasing demand for medical care and health coverage.

People are now seeking treatment in hospitals more than ever for various “modern” diseases.

Depending on your country, health care can get very costly or very cheap. Even cheap health insurance could be a fantasy in some countries. Consequently, patients are now seeking treatment abroad.

There are many countries that provide high-quality medical care at an affordable cost. You can even save up to 90% on your medical bill in some of them, which makes undergoing a medical trip worth it.



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Turkey might come across to you as a surprise when you see it at the top of our list. However, it is worth noting that it has one of the best doctors in the world; who are trained in the U. S and Europe.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about how much a long-haul flight is going to cost you since the Turkish airlines provide you with discounts on flights taken for medical purposes.

Unlike other parts of the world, you can get good medical care in Turkey and still have money in your bank account and credit card, thanks to medical services costing 50-65% less than the U.S. Turkish doctors excel in genomic medicine, nervous system surgeries, treating cancer, eye surgery (laser), transplant surgery, orthopedic surgery and cardiology.

In addition, being the site of one of the earliest progressed human civilizations, turkey is one of the most attractive travel destinations. They are also very advanced when it comes to institutional equality for women and establishing national peace.

For all these reasons, we recommend you check with your real or online travel agent to see the best flights offers for medical purposes, and don’t hesitate to take the trip.


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The best online travel booking sites and travel insurance providers always make sure to provide great air travel experience and cheap travel insurance for people heading to Brazil.

More than 6 million people who visit Brazil each year enjoy everything the country has to offer, from a relax-inducing environment to the nice warm weather. Also, Brazil is a very famous destination for medical tourists.

Cities such as Florianopolis or Sao Paolo made an outstanding development when it comes to medical technologies, while Rio de Janeiro’s famous Ivo Pitanguy clinic broke the record for the most performed cosmetic surgeries in the world.

Brazil is the pilgrimage destination for alterations in the human body. People who have abused their bodies with food full of fat and cholesterol, and lack of physical activity; as well as people who don’t feel satisfied with their faces can easily get surgery with some of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in the world.

Added to the cost of the hotel and airplane trip, you will not save much money while seeking treatment in Brazil __ 20-30% less than the U.S; however, it is ranked as one of the best healthcare providers in Latin America.


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Malaysia is a very welcoming and beautiful Asian country. When it comes to medical care, it is a country that takes patients’ comfort as a priority. Also, a large number of Malaysian people speak English, so you won’t have to struggle with the language.

The government makes sure that medical tourists get comfortable the moment they arrive at the airport. The Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) is an organization committed to providing lounge and concierge services to treatment seekers.

In addition, outstandingly, Hospital rooms are so neat and well-designed that they resemble 5-star hotel rooms; the hospitals even have hydrotherapy pools.

Malaysia is very advanced when it comes to fertility treatment and treating burns. It also provides high-quality complex surgeries including cardiovascular, spine, and orthopedic; in addition to high-quality screening.

It has around 40 hospitals that treat patients from all over the world. All this comes at an affordable price: American medical tourists can save up to 80% on the cost of their treatment


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There is no denying that a trip to Thailand is on the bucket list of many adventurers. Travel booking companies’ offers concerning this country are getting more and more affordable.

However, little do we think about Thailand when seeking medical care, while the country deserves credit for what it provides to medical tourists. For a start, your recovery options in Thailand include diverse types of a relaxation therapy such as private recovery gardens and the famous Thai massages.

Moreover, it takes the lead as the country with the highest rate of internationally credited hospitals in the region of South-East Asia.

Travelers to Thailand who seek medical care are mainly there for cosmetic surgeries In addition to dental care and skin medicine. The best hospitals in the country are mainly in Bangkok.

One of these hospitals is the Global Health Accreditation holder “Bumrungrad” hospital, which has around 900 employees (physicians on staff). Even better, medical care in Thailand costs 50-75% less than in the U.S


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India is a country that combines top talent medical care providers as well as beautiful scenery for recovery. Patients choose India thanks to the quality of treatment it provides and its significant affordability.

In India’s private hospitals, you will get 5-star hospitability with services starting the moment you step foot on the hospital. You don’t have to worry about arriving in India with heavy luggage because they will take care of everything: transportations, private chef, Wi-Fi, among other services giving you a comfortable medical vacation.

India is often chosen for organ transplants, heart and orthopedic surgeries, and fertility medical services. Also, a lot of hospitals there are NABH and Joint Commission International accredited.

The most attractive fact about being treated in India is that you can save a tremendous amount of money on your medical care -compared to the U.S- that can reach up to 90%.


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Despite not being as famous as other countries in our list, Singapore is a global financial center and a very developed country. It has a rich history, fine cuisine, beautiful public spaces, and family-friendly attractions. It makes sense that such a developed country has high-quality medical care.

Not only do they have a commitment to invest in their internationally credited hospitals, but also they are regarded as having one of the best healthcare systems in the globe.

Medical tourists head to Singapore for serious medical issues such as heart problems, organ transplants, digestive system and its disorders, and oncology.

Gleneagles Hospital is one of the best medical facilities in the country; it enjoys state-of-the-art facilities and highly-trained specialists. You can save 25-40% on your medical bill compared to the U.S.


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Mexico is a very attractive vacation destination thanks to its diverse culture, art, and world-renowned cuisine. Also, Mexico provides good health care conditions that make a lot of people flock to it seeking treatment.

It is estimated that 200 000 to 1.1 million of American citizens travel across the borders or come through the airport only to seek treatment for their health issues.

The country is known for having a good quality of Dental care, the best weight loss treatments: introducing the best diet plans, obesity treatments, and the most suitable weight loss plans. People also take trips to Mexico for cosmetic surgeries and general ones as well.

Another reason why medical care in Mexico is attractive is that it is cheap. If you are seeking treatment for your heart health problems, diabetes, or other diseases; the cost will be 40-60% cheaper than if you get it in the U.S; which means you can save up money and get good treatment, a sweet deal isn’t it?

Therefore, it is always recommended to check online healthcare websites and health insurance websites in Mexico to see if you can get cheap but good quality treatment for your health issues.

Before heading to your destination, make sure to compare travel insurance policies so that you can save on your travel insurance. Taking a medical trip can get costly so it’d be better to look for comprehensive travel insurance for you’ll never know when you’ll need the extra cash.



  1. I have heard of Mexico and dental..the drawback..danger with some of its people and gangs…hence, I may well try to get my teeth done there…if they are super re: dental inplants.


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