Weird 10 Things That Will Surprise You in Your Visit to The Uk

Last Updated on March 21, 2018


Very few places in the world are like the United Kingdom. It is that melting pot that crams in much scenery, history, and culture. It’s a country that mesmerizes its visitors with its undying charm and everlasting beauty.

It’s so vivid, busy and unique destination for travelers; a land of tea-and-cake clichés, a land where the word “weather’’ is what you hear most, a land of thousands and one different personalities.

Next time you are planning to visit the UK don’t forget to remember these wacky things that will surprise your curious ears!

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#1 – Cars Can Be Rarely Used in London

Cars Can Be Rarely Used in London

Welcome to the focal point of the UK. The city of “the old smoke’’, oh yes you are in London, the crowded city which is packed with diversity and entertainments. Being in such huge and large city one will automatically think about the mess, the chaos, and the traffic jam.

It’s true that London’s streets are super busy and extremely crowded still if you have a car, it is parked 96% of the time which is not as you have anticipated and that’s because Londoners mostly use their cars only in the case when they have to travel out of the city and prefer to take other means of transportation to commute from home to work and vice versa.


#2 – Pre-packed Sandwiches for Lunch

Pre-packed Sandwiches for Lunch
© Grist

For the people living in the UK, time is like a sword if you don’t cut it, it cuts you and they do learn this saying by heart and apply it to their everyday life. Everyone there is in a rush to go or reach somewhere. They don’t even have time to prepare their own sandwiches.

Pre-packed sandwiches is a very practiced culture. Sandwiches are available in stores and even in the supermarket, newspapers stalls and pharmacy too. Sounds funny but smart, right!
So next time you’re there, don’t forget to grab yourself a sandwich and save your time to explore the city.


#3 – The Accent

The Accent
© Metro

If you are sitting in a coffee in New York for instance and you hear “I don’t drink coffee I take tea, my dear, I like my toast done in one side” everyone will point out ‘’ that a British mate”.

Correct me please if I’m wrong. I mean everyone knows how British sounds when speaking but the fact that you might have ignored is that British changes like a lizard changes color. Oh, Yes, the British accent does have this ability to change every 25 miles. Sounds surprising!


#4 – Punctuality and Manners

Punctuality and Manners
© J/M Ouders

Uk is a place where manners are given the highest importance and British people are just sticklers for adherence to protocol. So, babe as the famous proverb says when you are in Rome, do as Romans do very simply. When you get on a bus, don’t forget to smile at people’s face and greet them.

Always make sure to say ‘’yes please’’, ‘’thank you’’ and ‘’I beg your pardon’’. Be always elegant and look well after your physical appearance, wear formal clothes and most importantly be always on time. Punctuality is highly important.


#5 – Out-Punch At 6 pm

Out-Punch At 6 pm
© VideoBlocks

Punctuality in the UK doesn’t only mean going to work on time but it’s also defined as going back home on time after a long day at work. So, they are not only punctual for what it concerns the job life but also punctual about their own personal time. Quite inspiring and surprising!

Once the day is over and the clock refers to 6 pm all the offices and public spaces close and all you find is locals chilling at a local pub near their houses or very simply enjoying a warm meal under their cozy roofs.


#6 – Pub at Every Corner

Pub at Every Corner

The UK and its inhabitants have a strong love for the beer. This little bottle is very crucial and always present on the top of their tables in celebrations, get-togethers, and special events.

Wherever you go in the UK you will come across a pub in the corner. The weekends start very early there where people are allowed to take a bottle of beer with them to work during Friday afternoons.

One more strange thing is that drinking was never illegal for kids after the age of five under parental supervision and control during family dinners and special occasions. I bet you weren’t aware of this!


#7 – Obsession with the Royal Family

Obsession with the Royal Family
© Hello Magazine

The whole world is aware of the love, respect, and support the people of the UK have for their Queen and the royal family. But what the world ignores is the obsession the British have with all that could possibly concern their queen and the royal family.

They can spend a huge amount of money just to have a glimpse of the royal newborn to the paparazzi trying to make news of what’s happening in the royal palace. Their obsession is just priceless!


#8 – Student Discounts

Student Discounts

If you are a student to be in London and traveling on a limited budget, then, you are in luck mate. You will have a great opportunity to save money and have an easy life out there. You will benefit from many available facilities.

You will be enjoying a sale all year-round right from travel tickets to bars and pubs to the theater to hospitals, clothes, and departmental stores. You will have the chance to study and at the same time enjoy the life there. Aren’t you excited!


#9 – Horses, Ponies, and Donkeys Need a Passport

Horses, Ponies, and Donkeys Need a Passport
© Pixabay

The UK has a unique and special law, my dear. If you own a horse, a pony or even a donkey or a zebra or whatever, Make sure you have their own passport too along with a microchip in which all their details are stated and the fact that they are not available for human consumption is declared. That’s not a joke!

So, don’t expect to ride your animal and feel like a royal if you don’t have the papers done.


#10 – Free Museums

Free Museums
© wikimedia

Your financial situation might be tight or you are on a budget you cannot exceed, which makes it very hard for you to enjoy your trip and visit the places you want to visit. No worries, we have the most pleasant surprise for you. While in the UK, you can have free access to some major museums like the British Museum, Science Museum and Natural History Museum in London.

London is calling… or the whole country is. Now that you know what to expect, get ready to have the best trip ever. Oops, I have totally forgotten when you are in London, make sure you have your sunglasses and umbrella with you. You will not only hear a lot about the weather but you will see much of it too.



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