10 Airlines That Offer You Free Accommodation On Stopovers!

Last Updated on March 10, 2020

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Being able to travel and explore the different countries and cultures in the world is an immense privilege. But we all know that it also has its boring and even exasperating side.

After all, there is a long and annoying boarding process at every airport, and depending on the trip, you might have to spend quite some time encased in a cramped seat at 35 thousand feet.

It all gets worse when you are booking your trip and you can’t seem to find a flight ticket that takes you directly to your destination. That is where the connecting flights come in, and so do the tedious and tiresome stopovers.

Depending on the duration of the stopover, you may even have to stay overnight in the connecting city. This means that you have to make an additional hotel reservation and spend extra money. Or do you?

These are some of the airlines that provide free accommodation (or extremely cheap) during your stopover.


1. Air Canada

Air Canada passengers with a stopover of more than 6 hours between flights are entitled to one free hotel room in a nice place if their stopover is in one of the following airports: Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver.

The best part is that you can route your return flight through a different city and have the opportunity to know two Canadian cities in one trip. For example, if your first connection flight is at the Toronto airport, you can route your connection flight on your way back to Vancouver.

The Canadian airline company has a dedicated page on its website with all the information you need about the Air Canada Stopover program. Click here to know if you are eligible for a free hotel stay.

2. Emirates Airlines

Travelers who frequently fly with Emirates Airlines are certainly accustomed to stopovers in Dubai. But for the people traveling with this company for the first time, the following is worth knowing.
If you have to wait at the Dubai airport for an extended period of time until your connection flight arrives, you might be entitled to one night in a five-star hotel for free.



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