10 Annoying Hotel Habits You Need to Stop Immediately

Last Updated on January 3, 2020

When you are traveling (for business or pleasure), you may think you are the perfect hotel guest because everyone smiles back and is very friendly to you.

However, they can do so only out of courtesy, as there are things you should never do in a hotel. Get to know 10 annoying habits that people have when they are in hotels and if you find yourself in any of them you should leave it immediately!


#1 – Occupying the Check-In and Check-Out Area

Nowadays people get informed online about their travel destination before they get there and they prepare all in advance: they search websites for book hotel rooms, make online travel booking, book hotel room online, book a flight (sometimes you can find cheap hotel rooms and cheap air flight tickets if you search several months in advance), and buy the appropriate travel insurance, among other tasks.

On the other hand, they also look for hotel check-in time, on-site tours, hotel checkout time and even do the search for “hotels with late checkout times near me” because they want to make the most of their stay.

It’s a way to avoid the queues that are usually at travel agencies, airports and hotel reception. However, in the case of a hotel reception, it is natural to find other tourists occupying and chatting in this area, which is not normally part of the check-in hotel procedure.

Be aware that this place is not the best place to make new friends or catch up because people who are checking in (and there are those people who have the hotel check-in the checklist) like to have privacy (this is one of the best check-in tips that tourists should follow). The same goes for people who check out.

#2 – Demanding the Room before Check-In Time

The only way to guarantee an early check-in at a hotel is when you book the room the night before your arrival – and of course, pay for it. Otherwise, you should not require hotel rooms prior to regular check-in hours because the hotel may simply not have them available.

There is no point in offering the reception clerk $ 20 to get special treatment or to get a better room than the one you booked. Reception staff can’t do much more than is already established, however, if you get to your room and find bed bugs that´s a different story.

#3 – SnappingFingers to Call Someone from Hotel Staff

Don’t snap your fingers to get the attention of the hotel staff. This is rude and embarrassing behavior for everyone: the employee will not like it; other hotel guests will think they are in an ordinary place without any kind of etiquette and you will be ignored.

You may not know what to ask for a hotel, but you should know how to talk to an employee to fulfill your request.

However, this annoying habit is very often happening in the area of restaurants, bars, swimming pools, among other popular hotel services … and you need to abandon this gesture as soon as possible.

Some annoying habits that hotel guests have at the table:

• They do not give any kind of gratification in a restaurant.

• They stack plates and cups when they finish eating.

• They request major changes to a menu to place an order.

• They order dishes that are not on the menu.

• When men place their order first then the ladies.

• Separate the shaker of salt and pepper.

• Dump the frustrations of the day at the employee (there are people who even on vacation are always frustrated with anything).

#4 – Wearing the Bathrobe in Every Room of the Hotel

There is a time and a place for everything and this applies to the fact that you only wear a bathrobe in the hotel’s spa and pool areas. Of course, you shouldn’t go in a bathrobe to the bar, restaurant or even the hotel lounge – it’s quite inconvenient for you and those who come across you.

It is natural for people to feel comfortable and in a refined setting with this garment, but it does not match the general spaces of a hotel(regardless of being all-inclusive vacations or for vacation rentals).

Please also be aware that wearing a bathrobe does not allow you to stay out of hours at the pool or spa, as well as dripping water down the hotel corridors to your room.

#5 – Transforming the Hotel Hallway into Your Personal Space

Booking hotel involves booking a room in the hotel and not its hallway. Therefore, people should be aware, especially those traveling with children, who should teach their children not to run and scream through the hotel corridors because there are guests who are there to rest and the noise is not part of the vacation packages that they booked.

#6 – Using Things That Are Not Truly Necessary

When people are traveling, they tend to forget their daily routines: work, taking their children to school, shopping, paying bills, and so on. And that disconnect from everything represents the magic of being in a hotel.

However, it is also easy to forget to save on the goods provided by the hotel, such as water, energy or other services.

This is because people think that since they have already paid for their stay they can spend whatever they can – without having to – like leaving the water tap always on, the light or the TV in the room always on, using the bath towels only once, among other examples.

This is a habit that must really change because the environment, the planet, and our futures depend on it.

#7 – Making a Lot of Reservations

As with excessive consumption of water, electricity and other hotel services, making reservations after reservations is rather annoying and reckless.

Sometimes people make reservation more than what they need (as in the case of towels and pool places) or make simultaneous reservations for different services at the same time (snorkeling or the water aerobics class at 10 am) and decide at the last minute what they want to do, among other embarrassing examples.

Always remember that when making a reservation and not respecting it, you are preventing someone else from making that reservation and having fun.

#8 – Speaking Rudely and Inconveniently

One of the most annoying habits that many people have in a hotel is when they speak loud, rude and inconvenient in hotel spaces. People should be aware of the range of their voices and not allow the volume of their conversations on the phone for example to disturb anyone next door.

#9 – Destroying the Hotel Room

One of the advantages of staying at the hotel is that you don’t have to do anything, because you are basically there to rest and relax.

However, doing nothing does not mean that it can ruin everything, such as throwing yourself into bed, going against furniture, or throwing your TV remote, hairdryer or air phone, among other things that people do in hotel rooms, especially the most inconsequential ones.

Have a peaceful stay, don’t leave clothes and toiletries scattered everywhere, keep them inside your bags separated by sections (this is one of the best packing tips for the most perfectionists) or distribute them in closets. The hotel room is your home during your stay in that hotel.

#10 – Not Recognizing the Effort of Hotel Cleaning Staff

There is always a hotel employee who is responsible for cleaning your room throughout your stay and often even prepares you for a surprise with the towels on the bed (this is one of the hotel housekeeping tips).

So your room is always tidy, smelling and organized every day. Therefore, it is advisable to give it a small tip in the end. If you don’t know how much should you tip housekeeping, don’t worry too much about it. In most cases, attitude and intent are the most important thing.



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