10 Annoying Hotel Habits You Need to Stop Immediately

Last Updated on January 3, 2020

Please also be aware that wearing a bathrobe does not allow you to stay out of hours at the pool or spa, as well as dripping water down the hotel corridors to your room.

#5 – Transforming the Hotel Hallway into Your Personal Space

Booking hotel involves booking a room in the hotel and not its hallway. Therefore, people should be aware, especially those traveling with children, who should teach their children not to run and scream through the hotel corridors because there are guests who are there to rest and the noise is not part of the vacation packages that they booked.

#6 – Using Things That Are Not Truly Necessary

When people are traveling, they tend to forget their daily routines: work, taking their children to school, shopping, paying bills, and so on. And that disconnect from everything represents the magic of being in a hotel.

However, it is also easy to forget to save on the goods provided by the hotel, such as water, energy or other services.

This is because people think that since they have already paid for their stay they can spend whatever they can – without having to – like leaving the water tap always on, the light or the TV in the room always on, using the bath towels only once, among other examples.

This is a habit that must really change because the environment, the planet, and our futures depend on it.

#7 – Making a Lot of Reservations

As with excessive consumption of water, electricity and other hotel services, making reservations after reservations is rather annoying and reckless.

Sometimes people make reservation more than what they need (as in the case of towels and pool places) or make simultaneous reservations for different services at the same time (snorkeling or the water aerobics class at 10 am) and decide at the last minute what they want to do, among other embarrassing examples.

Always remember that when making a reservation and not respecting it, you are preventing someone else from making that reservation and having fun.



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