10 Most Annoying Things You Probably Do On A Plane

Last Updated on December 28, 2018

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Planes, who doesn’t love them, right? To fly in economy class, sit between two people, and listen to the screams of all children during the whole flight, especially if you were traveling overseas.

Okay, let’s just all face the truth: The worst part about traveling is the plane, except if you travel first class, then you probably don’t have much to complain about.

Once you set your foot inside a plane, you will start noticing many behaviors that are maddening, but the big issue here is you can’t really talk about it because you have to respect others.

So instead of staying mad, let’s just rant about them for a little while and start relating to each other, and if you are one of these annoying people, then we respectfully need you to stop!

Here are the 10 most annoying things you probably do on a plane. Don’t hesitate to click on The Next page



Constantly adjusting the lighting and AC

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If you think that the people next to you or behind you can’t feel the airflow. Or, the lights that you keep turning on and off in the middle of the night don’t bother them, then you are wrong.

I understand that sometimes you have to adjust them, but doing it constantly is just annoying. So just make up your own mind, adjust it as you want, and respectfully, turn off the light when it is night time.

Drinking too much

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There are many reasons that will make you want to consume alcohol on the plane, like the fact that you are starting your vacation on air or just because you are stressed.

However, you should build a barrier between the amount of alcohol that will make you relax, and the amount that will make you tipsy and out of control.

Don’t be like that one passenger on American Airlines that got too drunk, they had to duct-taped him to his seat… It is a true story!



Assaulting the seatback

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The worst flight passengers, with no doubt, are the ones who kick, bump, and pull your seat. They don’t let you sit peacefully or even sleep for a few minutes, and the worst part is when it is a child, so you basically can’t really turn around and ask him to stop doing it, because they won’t listen anyway.

In case you are the seat kicker, then please, we are all begging you to stop!



Boarding before your group number is called

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I have a very important thing to say and I need everyone to pay attention: You are not more important than anyone in the airport, and the rules that apply on people are the same ones that are going to be applied on you.

So don’t board unless your group number is called! Thank you for understanding. And to everyone who is annoyed by this: Don’t hesitate to speak your mind and tell them that they are doing something wrong.



Talking loudly on your phone

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Right after you start to work on your laptop or fall asleep, someone starts having loud conversations on the phone, and obviously, the discussion will not go as smoothly as everyone hopes.

So for the next 15 minutes, all that you are going to hear is a loud voice of someone who is constantly saying”Hello?! Can you hear me??!!”

Just please, make it stop! Whether you are the talker or the annoyed passenger… make it stop!



Eating smelly food

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Most of the meals the airline offers are expensive and not delicious, so bringing your own foods and snacks from home is not a bad idea. But you really don’t have to bring something with a strong smell that could turn the stomach of your neighbor.

You know they can’t crack their windows open and their noses are just a few feet away from your tray table. Maybe you like your food with that extra spicy curry, but considering others is a necessity, too.



Removing your shoes

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Shoes are very important, they help us walk and keep our balance, but most importantly, they contain foot odor. Removing them on a plane may be very comforting to you, but it is extremely painful to the people around you.

Trust me, no one wants to know what your feet smell like, especially that 90% of passengers claimed that barefoot air travel is a big No, according to Expedia’s 2018 Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study.



Wearing too much perfume

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Just as much as people wouldn’t like to smell your feet, they wouldn’t also like being drugged by your perfume during the whole flight, too. As well as not wearing any cologne at all. Just make sure to take a nice shower before heading to the airport, wear your deodorant and that should be enough.

Too much of any smell is just going to disturb them and could even lead them to feel sick during the flight. I am sure you don’t want to be the person who causes all that!



Not wearing headphones

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Do you usually enjoy playing games on your phone? That’s not a problem, as long as you don’t do it loudly on the plane. I am sure you just beat your high score, but people don’t really want to hear about it happen, you know!

So just wear your headphones, and do whatever you want. Plus, it is best to avoid being looked at or yelled at by all the annoyed passengers, but, can you blame them?



Ignoring your kids

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Your kids are very precious and they are allowed to do whatever they want, but if that means they will be annoying the passengers, then no. You know how it feels being on a plane and just wanting to land already. Well, your kids are just making it worse for so many people.

Keep in mind that no one is obligated to handle your baby’s mischievousness, but they tend to say nothing because they don’t want to be rude. So from all passengers, we beg you, please don’t ignore your baby while on the plane.

Everyone must understand that being with too many people inside one large machine that is capable to fly is scary, nerve-wracking, and stressful. So everyone must respect the other and behave well in order to have a nice, smooth flight. I mean, the turbulence is enough, so we truly don’t need more of your annoying behaviors… please?

Bon Voyage!




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