10 Shocking Things About Hotel Rooms That Will Scare You

What an exciting time, it is finally your vacation! It is time to forget every stressful situation, neglect our sadness, and prepare to enjoy life. However, we still need to be careful in order to be safe and healthy during the trip.

Once you get to your hotel room, you should put your bags away and start checking everything, hoping the room will be as good and clean as you expected it to be. But little did you know, there could be many dangers hidden in that hotel room!

What we mostly look for in a hotel room is clean furniture, beautiful view, and a comfortable bed. It is possible you will find all this and better, but don’t let that fool you. The carpet that looks spotless can be hiding terrors beneath it, and the bathroom that looks new can be absolutely disgusting.

Seriously, don’t trust everything you see because the invisible might be a lot worse than your worst fears, and cleanness is not the only thing we are talking about here…

Before you book a hotel room, it is a must to check many things other than the price or the location of the hotel in order to guarantee your safety, your health, and your sanity.




According to the Seattle Times, assault and robbery are the most common crimes, which is a scary thing since the place where we want to feel safe the most is the place where crimes happen often.

Police officials claimed that guests are experiencing many dangerous things like being physically threatened in their rooms, attacked, and sometimes even raped or killed. This is why you need to make sure your hotel is located in a safe neighborhood, the room can be locked well, and you are not under attack of any stranger.

Bed bugs

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There is nothing more disgusting than sleeping in a bed that has bugs on it, obviously. When bed bugs infest a room, be sure you will be finding them in the most unexpected places. The crevices of the mattress, box spring, headboards, and even your luggage rack can be filled with the bed bugs.

So as soon as you walk into the room, check your bed and the entire room. The latter may still look clean and spotless, but the bugs would still be living there waiting to feed off your dead skin and probably even end up on your clothes.

The hotel room floor

©The Pfister Hotel

Of course, the floor of your hotel room will be looking clean on the day you check in, but you still don’t know who has been there before you. The cleaning service will do their best to clean out the nastiness, but they wouldn’t be doing a deep cleaning. In fact, they may even neglect the vacuum process.

So don’t believe your eyes and always keep your socks or slippers on, you need to avoid walking barefoot at all costs. We should be extremely careful because we truly don’t want to get a disease during our vacation.


©Ask Doctor K

You need to leave the Do Not Disturb sign always on your door, even if you are not in the room. There is a big possibility that you will come back and find all your belongings gone if you didn’t, especially that the number of break-ins is increasing in hotel rooms.

We always tend to leave our expensive and important items at the hotel room because it is the safest place we have in that destination, and thieves are aware of that. So take precaution, don’t trust anyone easily, and it is best to leave the most expensive things back at your home.

Risk of fires

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We can be at risk of fire anywhere we go, to be honest, but according to the National Fire Protection Association, each year the U.S. fire departments receive almost 3,520 structure fires in motels and hotels, which is 1% of all structure fires.

So once you are in the room, take a look and figure out how to escape in case of emergency. We always think that it is no way that something dangerous would happen to us, but until it does, we regret not figuring it out before.

Hotel security is not always trustworthy

©Hotel Palazzo Murat

Basically, the people who were hired to keep us safe should be trusted fully, right? But sometimes, they could be the ones who will put your safety at risk.

Many times, there have been criminals who pretend to be security in order to get what they need. In fact, they could even be room service or housekeeping. They own the uniform that will allow you to trust them and open the door for them, and before you know it, you are the victim of a crime.

Poor air quality

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The biggest concern of most travelers is the air quality in the places where they decide to stay. If the air was mixed with strong cleaning products, the vents weren’t cleaned each month (at least), and the surroundings produce polluted air, then their lungs would be in danger.

It is important to notice the places we are coming in contact with in order to keep our health checked and under control. We also don’t want to damage our health because of some harmful fumes that we have spent our entire lives avoiding.

Hotel Fees


You need to keep in mind that the prices hotels offer are not always honest because they all have a way of charging you some hidden fees.

For example, charging you a few dollars for the snacks and “complimentary” water, then asking for the extra $4 to use the safe in the room is just manipulative ways to get into your pockets.

Make sure to be well informed about everything you will be paying for so you won’t fall into the trap of losing your money over nothing!

The remote control


Don’t ever leave your house without the sanitizing creams and disinfectant wipes in your bags, and don’t touch any items in the hotel room without cleaning them.

The hotel cleaning staff has a limited time to clean many rooms, so they just clean the necessary and obvious places while ignoring random items that could carry some of the most dangerous bacteria.

And by the way, it was proven than remote controls can carry the same amount of bacteria as your toilet seat. So, be careful!

Fake Wi-Fi

©Budget Travel

If you have an idea about computer viruses and stolen identities, then you may need to do a quick research.

If you connected your device with an untrusted Wi-Fi, then all your personal information will be at risk of being stolen and hacked.

According to a research, there are many dangers lurking in hotels’ free wireless connection, and the FBI has already issued a warning about travelers being the number one target of criminals that tend to install malware through the hotel Wi-Fi.

To keep yourself safe, don’t even perform any credit card activity when you are connected to a strange Wi-Fi, even if it belongs to the hotel.



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