10 Shocking Things About Hotel Rooms That Will Scare You

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Hotel security is not always trustworthy

©Hotel Palazzo Murat

Basically, the people who were hired to keep us safe should be trusted fully, right? But sometimes, they could be the ones who will put your safety at risk.

Many times, there have been criminals who pretend to be security in order to get what they need. In fact, they could even be room service or housekeeping. They own the uniform that will allow you to trust them and open the door for them, and before you know it, you are the victim of a crime.

Poor air quality

©Aretas Sensor Networks

The biggest concern of most travelers is the air quality in the places where they decide to stay. If the air was mixed with strong cleaning products, the vents weren’t cleaned each month (at least), and the surroundings produce polluted air, then their lungs would be in danger.

It is important to notice the places we are coming in contact with in order to keep our health checked and under control. We also don’t want to damage our health because of some harmful fumes that we have spent our entire lives avoiding.

Hotel Fees


You need to keep in mind that the prices hotels offer are not always honest because they all have a way of charging you some hidden fees.

For example, charging you a few dollars for the snacks and “complimentary” water, then asking for the extra $4 to use the safe in the room is just manipulative ways to get into your pockets.

Make sure to be well informed about everything you will be paying for so you won’t fall into the trap of losing your money over nothing!

The remote control


Don’t ever leave your house without the sanitizing creams and disinfectant wipes in your bags, and don’t touch any items in the hotel room without cleaning them.

The hotel cleaning staff has a limited time to clean many rooms, so they just clean the necessary and obvious places while ignoring random items that could carry some of the most dangerous bacteria.



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