10 Shocking Things About Hotel Rooms That Will Scare You

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

And by the way, it was proven than remote controls can carry the same amount of bacteria as your toilet seat. So, be careful!

Fake Wi-Fi

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If you have an idea about computer viruses and stolen identities, then you may need to do a quick research.

If you connected your device with an untrusted Wi-Fi, then all your personal information will be at risk of being stolen and hacked.

According to a research, there are many dangers lurking in hotels’ free wireless connection, and the FBI has already issued a warning about travelers being the number one target of criminals that tend to install malware through the hotel Wi-Fi.

To keep yourself safe, don’t even perform any credit card activity when you are connected to a strange Wi-Fi, even if it belongs to the hotel.



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