10 Surprising Ways You Can Get Hacked When Traveling!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

Keep in mind that legitimate networks that are hosted by establishments can be prone to digital eavesdropping, meaning if you used your credit card to pay for something online, an adversary might steal it.

Moreover, you should never carry any paper bills or other sensitive documents with you while traveling.

#4 – Using a Debit Card to Make Purchases

Avoid using your debit card while abroad even if you’re tight on cash. In fact, restaurants and stores that have unsecured sales systems can be easily hacked, allowing cybercriminals to steal and use your card’s digits.

So, leave your debit card in your wallet and only use a credit card that can provide protection if compromised.

Also, use only ATMs that are inside a bank or airport to minimize your risk of being skimmed.

#5 – Neglecting Your Loyalty Rewards Account

According to a 2015-report from the Associated Press, as much as ten thousand American Airlines and United accounts were hacked by cybercriminals who used stolen data to book free flights and upgrades. Unluckily, these cyber attacks progressed to even include the industry of transportation in 2018.

To stay safe from hackers, make sure to check your loyalty rewards accounts every now and then for any strange activity, plus, use two-factor authentication and really strong passwords.

#6 – Sharing Your Travel Plans on Social Media

While traveling, you may be tempted to post pictures of a stunning view or an exotic meal, but you really shouldn’t. Sharing details about your travels and moves may get into the hands of cybercriminals.

It’s best to share the details of your trip with your loved ones in person rather than letting everyone on the internet know too. Just wait until you get home safely and then you can post as many vacation selfies as you want.

#7 – Turning On the Location Tracking

When you allow your device to track your whereabouts when traveling, you could be an easy target for hackers who are always ready to access information about the locations you visit and the travel patterns you take.



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