10 Surprising Ways You Can Get Hacked When Traveling!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

While on the road, be sure to keep your devices safe both physically and virtually. And if you’re flying to your destination, turn off the location tracking on your devices before getting on the plane.

#8 – Using the Same Password for All Your Accounts

It may be a difficult task to remember all the passwords but you should never use the same password for all your accounts as well as you should never use easy passwords, like your birth date, names, 123456, and the word password itself. These simple passwords can be easily guessed even if the hacker is a beginner.

That’s why you need to pick complex, long, and unique passwords for each account to at least prevent the huge damage that may occur in case one account was hacked.

#9 – Using a Laptop without Antivirus Software

Hackers can get to any device you have to steal your precious personal data, including your account passwords, employment status, address, and credit card statements.

If such personally identifiable information fell in the hands of hackers, they can easily steal your identity and use it however they want.

So in case you really cannot leave your laptop behind while traveling, then you should at least make sure to install the most recent antivirus software and security patches on all your devices.

#10 – Saving Ticket Stubs

Many people like to save boarding passes, receipts, or tickets from a trip as souvenirs. But these little souvenirs can cause more damage than you can afford.

Cybercriminals can gather important clues about your financial or personal information, like your loyalty rewards account or credit card, using these little pieces of paper.

Those who are in the habit of keeping old tickets should better quit. The safest approach is to take a photo and shred the paper right away.

We hope you travel safely and stay off the path of dangerous criminals.

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