10 Things You Can Do To Fly Under The Radar!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

In recent years, we have come to find out we are being spied on every step of the way – it’s no longer CCTV cameras on the street, but our phones know where we are, advertisers know what we research, and individuality has basically been lost. But there are still some things you can do to try and fly over the radar as much as possible.


#1 – Avoid Leaving Trails

Credit card payments will leave behind a trail telling where you were and what you were purchasing.

If you don’t want to leave this kind of trail behind, you can either pay with cash or pay using an anonymous prepaid credit card. If you are really into protecting your identity and your privacy, you can choose to not give out your real name.

#2 – Be Safe Online

If you lead a secret lifestyle but you can’t leave technology behind, you should at least make sure you secure yourself online.

The internet is the main mean entities can use to invade our privacy, so to reduce that risk you should use encryption software when emailing people, and use an e-mail account that can’t be directly linked to you, for example.

#3 – Purchase An Anonymous Mobile Phone

You can buy prepaid phones that don’t need registration that include your name or address. You should only charge this phone using money, and you should not give anyone the money.

If you buy prepaid Sims online, this will let you call from a foreign number. But if you are not that paranoid, you can just get an old phone without the internet, because without that connection it will be harder for them to collect your data.

#4 – Leave The Perks Behind

Modern life has some amazing perks, like ATM machines, card memberships, social networks, GPS.

If you really want to go unnoticed you will have to get back to the old ways, and just hide your cash under your mattress, read a book or use a map to find your way. It seems kind of boring in the modern world, but you are the one who knows what makes you comfortable.



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