10 Things You Should Avoid Doing At Airport Security

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

All travelers agree on the fact that airport security is a modern method of torture! While traveling the world is so much fun, ignoring some useful and essential travel tips and tricks can ruin your entire vacation and even give you travel anxiety.

Still, should you not worry as today, you can easily prevent all this from happening by learning some useful tips on airport etiquette and flight manners to get through airport security fast.

What happens is that the majority of travelers, especially unfrequent travelers totally ignore about how airport security works and never take the time to learn about airport rules and regulations before flying.

Most of the times, travelers would only focus on looking for best travel packages, flight ticket booking, and deals on hotel booking, which is really wrong!

Interested to read more? Here are 10 common airport security mistakes that you should totally avoid!

Never Bring More Than 3.4 Ounces Of Any Liquid


While most frequent travelers are fully aware of the airport rules on liquids, unfrequent travelers still show up with full-sized perfume, shampoo, and other liquids on their carry-on bags, which eventually delay the TSA screening procedure.

Hence, to get through TSA security fast and avoid any possible delays, make sure all the liquids are sealed in a secure, tamper-evident bag.

Still, there are some exceptions to this airport security rules on liquids. For instance, travelers are allowed to bring medications, baby formula, and breast milk. Full-sized Duty-FREE liquids are also allowed as long as you have the receipt and pack them in a quart-sized bag.

However, for more information on what to pack in a carry on bag for flight, don’t hesitate to check the latest Aiport Security rules and regulations before you take the road to the airport.

Never Leave Liquids And Gels Deep In Your Carry-On


Another common airport security mistake that can slow down the TSA security line is putting gels and liquids deep in your carry-on bag. This way, you’ll spend ages digging in your carry-on bag for items that will finally end up in the trash bin !



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