10 Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Cuba

Last Updated on January 23, 2021

9. Don’t Go In High Season

The period between May and June is a good choice for traveling to Cuba: a period of great heat, carnival, and harvest of tobacco. Between November and March are the most crowded months for tourists, as the Cuba weather is milder and less humid, making the tours more pleasant. Try to escape the months between July and November, as this is the hurricane season in the region.

10. Reserve A Good Amount For Cuban Cuisine

Traveling to Cuba can also be a little bit expensive, especially if you want to eat out regularly. The options range from “normal” restaurants, which are run by Cuban entrepreneurs or foreigners living in the country, and government restaurants run by the government. This is the case with the famous La Bodeguita del Medio and Floridita. A lot of cassava is eaten there, in addition to pork and beef, and meals in restaurants considered to be good are between 10 CUC and 15 CUC. Typical foods include Arroz Congris (rice with red beans cooked in the same pan), Ropa Vieja (based on pulled beef), and Chicharrones (also known as crackling). Among the drinks, the highlights are Cuba-Libre, Daiquiri, Creme de Vie, Rum, Mojitos, and Bucanero, which is the local beer. In this unique country, seductive beauty shares space with decadence, revolutionary iconography, Cuba history kept in a jam. The facades, many in pieces, mix art deco, art nouveau, and baroque in the same alley. The impression is that everything there already comes, naturally, with an Instagram filter. And the weather in general, without heavy traffic, pollution, LED signs, excessive trade, violence, etc., makes everyday feel like Sunday. And the feeling of being there is, without a doubt, unlike anything you will feel anywhere else on the planet.


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