10 Unexpected Things You Can Have For Free On A Plane!

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

We all complain about how expensive food is on airplanes, or how annoying it is when they come back and forth with the souvenir cart.

But did you know that there are things you can get for free on airplanes? It might not happen equally on every airline, but if you ask, there is a chance you can get some complimentary amenities during your plane ride.


#1 – The Possibility To Tour The Cockpit


We open this list with something you can’t get during your plane ride, but you can get it before or after. If the pilot isn’t on a strict timeline, there is a chance they will gladly give you a tour of the cockpit.

If you have kids, they will be extra nice, because a lot of kids dream about being pilots – and you, as a parent, get to satisfy that curiosity about how the front part of an aircraft looks like.

#2 – You Can Ask For First Aid Supplies

©Honeywell Safety

Flight attendants will be more than happy to help you out if you are injured in some way – a small cut, a wound, you name it.

During flight service training, they are trained to give this kind of basic medical assistance. Plus, if you need first aid supplies they will give you as much as you want, so you can band-aid yourself.

#3 – Snacks And Sodas

©Business Insider

Worldwide flight services work differently – in some airlines, you can get drinks and snacks for free, in low-cost airlines (aka cheap flights) you need to pay for everything you want to eat and drink.

If you are a frequent flyer you will get acquainted with how your airline works when it comes to snack distribution and this will give you some leverage to ask for a larger quantity without any extra charges.

#4 – Militaries Get Free Checked Bags

©C Boarding Group

This isn’t something you are going to see advertised on online booking websites, and it doesn’t work the same way in all airlines, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.



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