10 Unpopular Tricks That Will Help You In Every Airport

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

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It is a known fact that airports can be very annoying sometimes. It is one of people’s most hated parts of traveling. But luckily, every airport has special rules that are known only to the employees.

For example, they know how to get gifts from the air companies and where are the best places for cheap and tasty foods. If you travel constantly, then you have to take notes of all these tricks. They are extremely useful, especially if your flight got delayed.

So to all travel enthusiasts, here are the 10 unpopular tricks that will help you in every airport.

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If you don’t like traveling alone, take your pet with you!

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It is not impossible to have your furry friend right by your side in a flight. All that you need is a special paper from your psychologist confirming that you need your animal for ESA (emotional support).

There are many European and American airlines that don’t have a problem with your pet being next to you on board. But before the flight, make sure to take the permission from the airline.



Do you want a cheaper, smooth flight? Travel at night

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Our dream flight is to be cheaper, no turbulence, no crying children, and a lot of empty seats. It is possible if you decided to travel during the night. According to statistics, there are always fewer passengers and travelers with kids during the nights. Plus, planes are rarely delayed and the lines will be shorter.

Moreover, storms often happen in the day’s second part, but at night, the air is cleaner and fresher due to the lack of sunshine, which is why turbulences rarely occur.





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