10 Weird Things Flight Attendants Are Not Allowed To Do

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

They are not allowed to use accumulated flights for business travel


The best part about being a flight attendant is their chance of constantly getting free flights, but they are allowed to use them only for personal vacations. If they were ever caught using them to get into a conference for another job, then they will definitely get in trouble.

You can’t take the advantage the airline has given you for reasons that will lead that airline to lose you, and that’s why vacations are the only thing they can enjoy and take advantage of!

They can’t get whatever they want on board


The movies we watch give us many wrong ideas about the job of the airline staff and what they can do, and we have seen they can get whatever they want to the plane without any issue. In real life, they are not allowed to get anything they want, like at all.

They also have to go through security to see if their bags are free from any prohibited item. So no, they can’t just get a suitcase that weighs more than the limit and they definitely can’t get an item that might create danger.

They are not allowed to use all the medical equipment


The majority (if not all) flight attendants are CPR certified and capable to use a defibrillator, but still, the flights have a few special medicals tools that they are not allowed to use or touch.

For example, every plane has a physicians’ kit, but it is secure where only the in-charge person has a key to. No one is allowed to touch it besides a doctor or a nurse with credentials. People’s lives matter, and that’s why they can’t trust anyone to save yours with a tool that could end your life when misused!

Getting you an upgrade

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Of course, being nice to a flight attendant will absolutely get you far, but it will still never get you an upgrade to first class.

It is not up to the flight attendants to do any upgrades or change someone’s seat. However, they can help you get other “usual” stuff that may need.



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