10 Weird Things Flight Attendants Are Not Allowed To Do

Last Updated on January 7, 2021

So don’t hesitate to be nice to them, always smile, learn their names, and thank them constantly whenever they help you. Remember that their job is also not as easy as it might seem, so being kind to them will surely be helpful.

They are not allowed into the cockpit anytime


The flight attendants can go into the cockpit during the flight, but they can’t just get in there whenever they want. First, they need to phone them and ask for permission to go in.

Also, there are codes on the cockpit door, and there is someone who needs to hold the curtain as the flight attendants go inside in order to prevent anyone else from running through.

Basically, that place is where two intelligent people are trying their best to keep hundreds of people alive while controlling a large flying device over other countries… Obviously, they can’t just let anyone get in anytime, even the crew!

They can’t let passengers change places

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Not anyone would have the permission to just allow you to change your seat whenever you want. Many people would think that complaining to the flight attendant about their seat will make them give a helping hand to switch it, but it is not up to them!

Plus, once you are seated, there is no chance for you to change it and one of the reasons is your bag that has your seat number. If people kept on switching, imagine the mess that will happen!

Your kid will not get a free seat


Speaking of seats, your toddler will not be allowed to have a free seat by the flight attendants just because they are toddlers. Yes, some airlines allow your kid to fly for free if they were under two, but you should never count on the flight attendant to do that for you.

People often believe flight attendants have the power to do many things for you, but they are there to serve your needs and make sure you are safe and comfortable. They have nothing to do with the arrangements of seats or giving them for free.



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