13 Things You Should Know About Staying In Hotels!

Last Updated on March 17, 2021

And our hands are the greatest carriers of bacteria of all time, so you either clean the remote control with a disinfectant wipe before using it, or you clean your hands after using it.

6. If You Have Any Questions, Ask The Concierge

The hotel concierge is the most informed person of the hotel – they serve as the ears and the eyes of the community, and they are highly trained to offer a satisfactory answer to your every question. If you need local intel, the concierge is the person you should ask anything.

7. Don’t Leave Everything To The Last Minute

This is pretty much common sense, but if you have any preferences or if you have some special requests, like hotel bedding that is suitable for allergic people, for example, you shouldn’t leave those details for when you are checking in. Instead, you should call ahead and give the hotel staff time to prepare your room the way you want it/need it.

8. Be Careful With Third-Party Sites

If you intend to book your room using a sell-off site, like Hotwire or Expedia, there is a chance you will get a cheaper room, but you will also get exactly what you paid for. Great view? Forget it. You will probably get a lower room floor that is anything but the room of your dreams. If you are picky about that, you should pay attention.

9. Late Booking Can Get You A Great Deal

This is the sort of thing that won’t happen every time, but if you get lucky, making the same-day reservation can get you some awesome deals. You can use the website Hoteltonight.com or you can be more classical and simply call the front desk. If they aren’t fully booked, there is a chance you will get a discount.

10. Leave A Generous Tip

Leaving a tip behind is common courtesy, but if this is a hotel you intend to stay in again, it is also a great way to express your gratitude and to make sure that your service will be as good or even better when you come back. The experts have spoken, and they say you should leave behind to reward your concierge for their exquisite service; housekeepers should receive to every day; you should give valets or for getting your car, and as far as bellhops are concerned, should be the amount you give them for each bag.


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