13 Things You Should Know About Staying In Hotels!

Last Updated on March 17, 2021

11. The Best Things Can Sometimes Be Hidden

If you stay at a hotel and you really enjoyed the place and the service, you should ask about the recontact lists before you get ready to live. Some hotels will put their guests on a special patron list and they will send them special offers via e-mail. Plus, some hotels will offer occasional discounts to guests who offer to fill out their hotel surveys, or for the ones who post reviews on websites like Tripadvisor.

12. The Star-Ratings Can Lie

The system used to rate hotels with little stars is not the same in every country, so you will have to adjust your perception if you want to be able to rely on those rates. For example, some hotels earn one star for the simple fact that they change the sheets once every week, and the rating in Italy can go up to five stars simply because the hotel has a reception desk that is open 24/7, receptionists who speak at least three different languages and rooms that are at least 16 square meters.

13. Do Not Steal From The Hotel

Some people incorporate a kleptomaniac the minute they walk into a hotel room, but you should know that nowadays the majority of the hotels have started to include chips that allow them to detect stolen items based on radiofrequency. And also, let’s be honest, do you really need that rope?


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